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Video || College Kids Shutting Down Speech

The Washington Free Beacon has a good roundup of recent histrionics from leftist college kids, who have learned that the earth turns around them and their ideas, which cannot be challenged, and that other points of view are so illegitimate that they must be shut down.

Some of this is amusing, but ultimately, it’s not funny. Children are being taught political correctness in the public schools, and the strictures against any kind of teasing, bullying, or negative attitudes toward any cultural or ideological approaches not favored by the left is instructing students that the First Amendment is garbage on parchment. If they even know what the First Amendment is.

One of the values of electing President Trump was that he helped undermine political correctness. Now, to be sure, I don’t approve of some of the things he said, and if he acted on some of those things, its abhorrent. But the president’s willingness to speak directly is a helpful antidote to the speech totalitarianism we now face.

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