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New Book Reveals Dysfunctional Hilary Clinton Campaign

A new book paints a portrait of a dysfunctional campaign run by Hillary Clinton, who apparently learned little from her experience losing to Barack Obama during the 2008 Democratic presidential primaries.

The book, “Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign” by reporters Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes, presents an out-of-touch candidate who, along with her top aides, didn’t get the need to try to appeal to the white, working class voters who ended up handing Donald Trump the presidency.

A couple of my colleagues from the Washington Examiner have taken a look. From their report, which has a few juicy details:

After listening to weeks of complaints and second-guessing her own decisions, Clinton reportedly lost confidence in (Robby) Mook. She stopped speaking directly to her campaign manager by the end of February 2016. After listening to weeks of complaints and second-guessing her own decisions, Clinton reportedly lost confidence in Mook. She stopped speaking directly to her campaign manager by the end of February 2016 . . .

For Clinton’s debate prep, the campaign actually considered using former congressman Anthony Weiner to play the role of Trump. Bill Clinton is still “Slick Willy” in many ways, including how he still has a tendency to speak about women in “less than respectful terms,” as Allen and Parnes write . . .  “‘Mick Jagger used to give my mother-in-law wet dreams,’ Bill offered.” . . .

Early in the morning on November 9, Clinton apologized to Obama for losing the election to Trump. “I’m sorry,” she said.

A review by the New York Times gets into more detail about Hillary’s inability to run a campaign and her political ineptitude.

“Shattered” underscores Clinton’s difficulty in articulating a rationale for her campaign (other than that she was not Donald Trump). And it suggests that a tendency to value loyalty over competence resulted in a lumbering, bureaucratic operation in which staff members were reluctant to speak truth to power, and competing tribes sowed “confusion, angst and infighting.”

Despite years of post-mortems, the authors observe, Clinton’s management style hadn’t really changed since her 2008 loss of the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama: Her team’s convoluted power structure “encouraged the denizens of Hillaryland to care more about their standing with her, or their future job opportunities, than getting her elected.”

The campaign frequently spun its wheels in response to crises and urgent appeals from Democrats on both the state and national levels, the authors report. Big speeches were written by committee. “Evolving the core message” remained a continuing struggle. And the Brooklyn campaign headquarters — which would end up outspending Trump’s campaign by nearly 2 to 1 — frustrated coordinators in battleground states like Colorado by penny-pinching and cutting back on television, direct mail and digital advertising.

No, it wasn’t the Russians who ruined the election for Clinton. Hillary Clinton, and the ideology she represents, went down to defeat in 2016 based on the judgment of the voters.

9 Responses to New Book Reveals Dysfunctional Hilary Clinton Campaign

  1. MrsClinton didn’t lose because of a poorly run campaign, the Russians, sexism, racism, anti-immigrant/LBGTqwerty/abortion issues.
    She lost because Donald Trump was the Repub candidate.
    He outsmarted 16 perfectly capable, qualified Repub candidates, the Repub party elites, and a massive MSM anti-Trump campaign. He had a message, he knew how to deliver it, and the people agreed with it.
    MrsClinton was doomed to lose when DJ Trump won the Repub nomination.

  2. When you hire a advertising consultants to work secretly for three months to make a campaign logo and the ends up looking like a directional sign to a Hospital something is wrong……..

    You don’t speak to your campaign manager for 9 months??? If you don’t like the guy ……fire him. Makes you wonder what big donor insisted he be the manager? You rig the DNC with your people and you limp to the nomination against a socialist….LOL

    No leadership skills……everyone loyal to her was paid to be loyal. She had no integrity and the disloyal women of America knew it!

  3. When you spend the majority of your adult life living in a bubble, you don’t even recognize reality when it stands up and slaps you across the face…..


    • This lying biotch gives all women a bad name. She is morally, ethically bankrupt. She has made a dishonest fortune from her foundation. I pray that her rotten-to-the-core kid does not follow in her footsteps. The progressive liberals are stupid enough to let it happen. What do they have? Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Chelsea.

  4. Hillary felt entitled. As does Bill. The media has given them a very free ride. And in some ways still continues to give them a free ride. Which is why I stopped reading the New York Times and the Washington Post and the other MSM. They have made the left/liberal agenda seem to be the normal agenda for America. They’ve made Trump seem like an outsider and a bit of a freak.

  5. I took a chance reading this article about Hemorrhoid Screamers and how she lost the election because she was a b with an itch–big time!

    Yesterday, I suffered high blood pressure reading an article about her, had a nice vodka, then I was okay.

  6. When you surround yourself with yes men, your preconceived notions never change. She had 8 years to change and couldn’t bring herself to do it. Take yourself to the retirement hone. Better yet, you should be in jail for endangering the security of the United States. Just a horrible person that mainstream Americans saw right through, no matter what the media and Hollywood elites tried to tell us.