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Video || Easter Egg Roll Day at the White House

Here are a few scenes from the White House Easter Egg Roll.

The Trumps emerge from the White House to deliver Easter greetings.

Trump gets a reminder from his wife about National Anthem decorum.

The above video is of course racing around social media. But note that a previous president didn’t forget – he actually had to be taught to do this in the first place.

The president officiates at an Easter Egg Roll contest.

Sean Spicer gamely kicked things off in the “reading nook” this morning, doing his own Easter book reading.

Melania reads a book.

Here’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions reading to the children. He kind of looks like a bunny.

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    • I’m sorry not to see the Hellywood crowd, Beyoncé and their precious childrenNOT!!
      Notice. The MSM are ripping the WH for not planning enough on this event. As if the egg roll is on the top priority list