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Pence to North Korea: “The Era of Strategic Patience is Over”

It is. It has to be.

There are certain bottom lines to U.S. foreign policy that cannot be altered or avoided. One is that a North Korean regime with nuclear weapons that can hit the United States is an intolerable, existential threat that must be prevented at any cost.

Vice President Mike Pence Monday travelled to the DMZ, the no man’s land that separates North and South Korea, to warn North Korea against continuing with its nuclear weapons program.

“Just in the past two weeks, the world witnessed the strength and resolve of our new president in actions taken in Syria and Afghanistan,” Pence said. “North Korea would do well not to test his resolve or the strength of the armed forces of the United States in this region.”

A war on the Korean peninsula would be a horrifying catastrophe. Tens of thousands, or more, would die. But a nuclear weapon landing in Cleveland — or Washington, for that matter — would be far worse.

Okay, I know some of you wouldn’t mind a nuclear weapon landing on Washington, but you know what I mean.

This is the situation that Bill Clinton, a careless, irresponsible president, left us in when, instead of aborting North Korea’s nascent nuclear program, he caved into another catastrophic Democratic president, Jimmy Carter, who undermined Clinton by negotiating his own deal with the North. George W. Bush, his hands full fighting terrorism, didn’t do much to correct things, and Barack Obama, another careless and irresponsible Democratic president, let the problem fester and then left it to his successor to deal with it.

Trump, I believe, will deal with it. Because he’s familiar with bottom lines, and he knows that keeping a first-strike capability out of the hands of Kim Jong-Un is one of them.

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  1. And here is yet another example of why we are fortunate to have President Donald Trump instead of President Hillary Clinton. Despite his faults, he is far, far better equipped to deal with these threats than she would have been, IMO.

  2. MrTrump has been underestimated by so many people who saw him as a entertainer, a sleazy real-estate maven, and not worth much beyond the public persona they thought they knew.
    His brilliance and intelligence was covered with some weird PR, just as his alliance with some of the most impressive private businessmen and women was overlooked.
    The team he assembled to join him is stellar in every respect.
    Accordingly, he continues to surprise and confound the experts in government or the MSM who expected so much less.

    They didn’t listen to him when he talked, they don’t understand who he is.
    MrTrump, the candidate, told us he would keep us safe, that he would enforce our laws, that he would do everything he could to make our country great again.
    When NoKo threatens us they should expect some real pushback – now.
    No one wants another war, but this President will not run from it.

  3. Keeping NORK in check is critical. God forbid it should go the way of Obama/Iran deal.

    The world is getting a good look at the new US. Including Putin. Our relationship with China is important vis a vis the Russians.

    Trump, is making a good start showing the world that American security is a priority for him.

    It’s interesting to watch Trump move through his To Do list. There is order. Those not accomplished to his satisfaction will be revisited (Obamacare) but he continues to be undeterred and moves forward.

    • But Grace, I thought you were more dove-ish, like me. Trump is not the campaign-Trump anymore, the one I trusted. I guess I don´t understand American foreign politics. As far as I know, tensions are rising. How can that be good ?

        • oops. SWL I did not see this. I am not dovish at all really. But I am not a warmongerer either. See my comment below.

          I believe in peace through strength. I believe militarily we get in and we get out. We use our military for specific objectives. I am no fan of nation building. I believe in defending our country and being prepared to defend it against threats of the moment or in the future.

          I believe in strong alliances. I believe in loyalty to our allies. I expect both sides to carry their own weight and fulfill the commitments of the alliance.

          We are a strong country and we are loyal to our allies and friends. At least that is what I believe.

          • Also SWL don’t be so worried. This is just an adjustment to re establishing who/what America is in the world.

            The scariest is NORK — truly a crazy fat guy positioned to cause a lot of trouble and destruction. I do not think our ally South Korea is unhappy with our position, or Japan either. And China seems to be cooperating.

            Just trying to help you be less scared and to trust that Trump is not the kind of guy who is going to do something crazy which I am sure you are hearing and might believe.

  4. It’s nice to have a white house that shows strength instead of tweeting out ineffective “We strongly condemn” responses to hostile actions.

    Oh dear, oh dear, what is going on ???
    Justin Raimondo writes:there is a group of people, politicians, journalists who have hated Trump from the beginning but now, after the administrations hawkish statements and the bombs and the Tomahawks….. everything changed. David Ignatius, Washington Post, says that Trump is becoming a “credible foreign policy leader”, Ruth Marcus, Brian Williams, Lindsey Graham, Fareed Zacharia etc., they are all praising the sudden changes in Trumps politics.
    Pence calls it ” the strength and resolve of our new president”. To me it looks like some people removed his old advisors, the ones that helped him win the election, and replaced them with warmongers.

    • This is not warmongering.

      This is peace through strength. A show of strength. Tough positioning. Holding redlines, not constantly revising them.

      Holding our allies responsible. Getting countries, like China, to discipline their client states, like NORK.

      And the MOAB was the best weapon for the job. I shed no tears, and make no apologies for blowing up tunnel rats who hate us and want to kill us. If not now, later.

      So, this is not warmongering.

      • Grace, thank you for your answer. Oh no, never ever thought you were anything like a warmongerer. I feel I know you a bit after all these years through your intelligent and thoughtful comments. And you love your country. I love your country too . I also love Europe. Will Trumps new politics benefit Europe ? Being a misanthrope, I am not sure. I am also suspicious of politicians who flip-flops on important issues. I will still give him a chance but if he starts embracing the EU, then I will know …..

        • Changing your mind when faced with different circumstances is not flip-flopping.

          Maintaining a rigid ideology in the face of changing events will get you killed.

        • SWL My personal opinion is that Trump will do right by Europe. He will honor the treaties and alliances. He will probably ask more of certain countries, because we have done a lion’s share of the work sometimes. He will fight the Islamic jihadis wherever they are.

          He is not a socialist but there will be times when he , as a leader, will side with people or countries we may not like or understand. I don’t like his reversal on ExIm for example.

          I know you like Putin. Europe is in a difficult position. But I think Putin and Trump have an excellent understanding as leaders. They will act first in the best interest of their own countries. But these two are the ultimate pragmatists so I do not believe there will be any radical action that will cause a violent reaction.

          So, have some faith that the America of old is making a comeback. But know this, Europe needs to clean up its act. And Sweden needs to deal with its Muslim problem. I am reluctant to send our military somewhere where the country is not willing to help itself.

          So, we’re good. And we should all be glad that Clinton is not President because after what Bill and Carter and Obama did vis a vis NORK she would be over there marching in a parade of cooperation and reconciliation or perhaps Reset. Who knows Just count our blessings

  6. Between the Syria bombing, the “degrading” of ISIS by MOAB, and now the NK spanking by Mike Pence, Trump and Pence are doing great.
    Anyone on the right or the left who says differently is just a turd in a bucket mixed up with a bunch of sour grapes.
    If anything ever happens to DT, Pence is going to be a dynamite President.

  7. Very interesting comments on this thread.

    Here’s how I see Trump and his actions as POTUS so far.

    His entire professional life has been to build magnificent buildings, demolish dangerous and useless buildings (comparable, if you will, to the messes Obama and company left for us) and create world class structures on the foundations, etc. He is a builder, a creator, and a doer who sees possibilities where others do not. It’s his mind set, it’s what challenges him, it’s what he likes to do. It’s what makes him a happy warrior.

    To get the job done, he’s had to learn to develop relationships with every sort of personality, all types of city and local governments, work teams, and a host of challenging characters. Through it all, he’s had to run a tight, coherent organization focused on building the most efficient, best built, most practical, long lasting, safest, most affordable structures and projects possible.

    He’s had to be smarter, quicker and more clever than his competition. He’s had to learn to hire the best staff, and the best advisors he could find. He’s had to be willing to quickly fire the duds he has hired. He had to learn the value of implementing best practices and how to best those best practices implemented on the job at hand.

    Now transfer that life-long management style, that executive core of competencies, those work habits, that experience, and we begin to understand the way he approaches his work as leader of the Executive Branch of our government. He seems to see the Big Picture, and how to advance toward that Big Picture, the finished product, so to speak.

    For sure, he’s no fool. He’ll make mistakes, and perhaps big ones, no doubt about it. But, on balance, he’ll move us forward, no doubt about it. That’s all we ask or, at this point.

  8. It’s refreshing to see the president stand up to North Korea instead of strongly condemning them while hiding in the corner, sucking your thumb while rocking back and forth. Or worse like Clinton basically gave them the green light through Jimmy Carter. I don’t want to see another war, but you can’t be held hostage by all the crazies in the world.

  9. Norks didn’t blow us up when national lawn jockey was in the O Office with his feet up on the desk–why would they blow us up now with Trump as our President?

    If the Powers That Be want the world blown to smithereens, they will do they job, they won’t leave it to the idiot North Koreans.

    Those Powers want to degrade us a tad more before they slay us.