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Trump Schedule || Saturday, April 15, 2017

President Trump is at his Mar-a-Lago estate in West Palm Beach, Florida. He has no public schedule today. But early Saturday morning he rolled into his golf club, where he usually works and golfs, though it’s unknown how often he plays.

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  1. The French election is in a week, April 23. Marine Le Pen criticizes Trump for flip-flopping on yet another promise when he suddenly embraces NATO. France is in a mess, enormous problems with integration, with Muslims. Who knows how to fix it but some of Le Pens medicine is probably healthy for the country. While Le Pen is a strong nationalist, Trump seems to hesitate here now ( Syria, NATO). It wouldn´t surprise me very much if he all of a sudden flip flops on EU and embraces it too. EU has become a machine that is destroying nations, a tool for the elitists global dreams of multiculturalism and single markets. The force of the “populism”, people power, is lagging unless Marine Le Pen is able to gain a lot in the election. Where is the Donald here now ?

    • SWL Don’t know what he will do with EU or globalization. He is an international business man so some of his thinking, like on the EXIM Bank reversal, will reflect that.

      And we should support Europe. The question is how much. It’s possible that underlying Trump’s thinking is that no one of our allies is alone, but everyone should do more for themselves and their own problems as well.

    • Yeah, he travels too much…he’s only out to promote his brand…Kushner needs to have his security clearance revoked…Spicer should step down…Nunes should recuse himself…Sessions should recuse himself…impeachment hearings are coming soon…blah blah blah.

      It never ends.

    • And I’m just sure you said the same thing when King Putt was flying back and forth across the country to golf in California, right?


      • Fund raising trips usually ended with a weekend of golf on the taxpayer dime. Many things were topped off with personal enjoyment.

        To say nothing of the vacations and the month long retreat to Hawaii. Can you get any further from WDC?

    • Funny nobody mentioned that when the Obamas were having fun, or Barry had a weekend of golf after a speech at a middle school. Or even better, after the beheading of an American citizen. That was one for the books.

  2. Trump must surely see that these weekly, and clearly expensive, trips are doing nothing for his image as the great swamp-drainer. The image I see is of a man savouring the trappings and power of office (yes, Mr President – no, Mr President) while thumbing his nose at the American taxpayer AND his supporters. Okay, he holds meetings there every so often (China! for example), but there’s nothing that can be said in Florida that can’t be said in the Oval Office, and it won’t cost the taxpayer a dime.

      • Exactly! And Trump spent a year and a half berating Obambi for all the expensive vacations and golf-trips. Hypocrisy is a common fault in politicians… even new politicians.

    • He can afford to take trips, He is an amazing POTUS, who does NOT get the respect he so richly deserves. I am finally proud to be an american and a Christian in the US of America!!!

  3. The Last Refuge is the head cheerleader for the Trump Administration. But I do not discount them. Here is a very interesting article about his FP approach, especially China. It is interesting. Of particular note was his going to the heads (Russia, China, ) instead of the satellite problem areas Syria, NORK. Asking them to deal with their problem children.

    In terms of China/NORK I think it has paid off.

    Going “home” for the weekend does not bother me. It is a palatial home, but work gets done there. Optically it sucks and it is pricey. But pricier than tracking the Obamas to Vail, Europe, etc….I am not sure. And it just doesn’t ruffle my feathers. He works round the clock while he is WDC and also in FL, so …. works for me. I am sure though that he will be hounded to cut back .

    • I use to like The Refuge, but it’s now little more than an echo chamber filled with bleating sheep. Anyone who dares say a word critising Dear Leader is banned – I’ve been banned three times. Trump is doing some good things, but he must be held to account for his errors.

  4. Well, if thr NK dud was it for fireworks this weekend, maybe the Trumps can have a relaxing family Easter celebration after all. May you all have the same.