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Saturday Open Thread || April 15, 2017



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    • Nah, just worn out.
      The tax marches:
      does anyone really care what MrTrump’s taxes show?
      He’s obviously within the law, paid his taxes as required and has no stain against him, so anything to do with his returns would just be prying.

      • If not it will be something else.

        My nephew’s thing is Trump lied about divesting himself — he promised he would and didn’t. I have no idea about this but assume he has done what other wealthy people (Democrats too) have done to separate their businesses from their government role.

  1. I’ve been pondering a few things this week, when not keeping an eye on the real-life Stanley Cup Playoffs, or taking a few swings with the virtual boys of summer (MLB: The Show 17, which by itself is worth getting a PS4 for).

    Anyway, I kept coming back to how many of President Trump’s “controversies” reduce to “If the Left had been more civil…”

    Take, just to pick one, the visitor logs. Comparing Trump’s reluctance to publicize the logs to Obama’s, is as fallacious as comparing the Berlin Wall to the proposed wall on the Mexican border.

    The Berlin Wall was built by the SOVIETS to keep THEIR people, most with the clear intent of escaping Communism, from sneaking OUT. Trump is proposing a wall to keep OTHER nations’ people, whose intents are, at best, much less clear, from sneaking IN. It is a false equivalence.

    Similarly, Trump’s decision to keep secret the visitor logs for the White House, is not being done for the reason Obama did it.

    Obama was hiding the logs to protect himself from embarrassment (or legal trouble) if his frequent meetings with various anti-American elements became widely known. The secrecy was all about looking out for Number One.

    What the violent Left would do with Trump’s White House logs is anyone’s guess. But we have seen Left-incited mobs ruining lives on Twitter (Justine Sacco, et al.), union-backed thugs all but rioting on bankers’ front lawns, and even attempted murder–both in person (e.g., the Family Research Council shooting in DC) and remotely via technological chicanery (e.g., Aaron Walker, John Frey).

    Now if the Left had been more civil, and hadn’t been trying to, you know–KILL PEOPLE–that they disagree with, then maybe the White House wouldn’t have to be concerned that President Trump’s visitor logs wouldn’t be turned into the Bob Creamer Left’s version of a top twenty hit list.

    Trump is using secrecy to protect his VISITORS; Obama used secrecy to protect HIMSELF.

    It is another false equivalence; a difference of kind, not degree.

  2. Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone here a holy and joyous Easter. May God bless you all, Keith and commenters, greatly in the coming year. Your sanity is so much appreciated.

    I read often, just not commenting a lot right now. Too many divergent projects taking all my energy and attention this time of year LOL