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White House to Keep Visitor Logs Secret

The White House plans to keep logs of visitors to the White House complex secret, the Washington Examiner reported.

In an announcement Friday, the White House cited national security risks and privacy concerns of visitors as the primary reason the Trump administration is breaking with President Obama’s policy of logging all visitors.

The administration is calling the logs “presidential records” that are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

According to Time, the White House expects criticism but Trump wants to get advice from people who would like discretion.

10 thoughts on “White House to Keep Visitor Logs Secret”

    1. Yea… NO ONE knew who was coming or going into the Obama White House.
      And NO ONE in the “WH press corps” had the BALLS or SMARTS to ever ask! And they worked in the same damn building!!

  1. They want those logs so they can have a one-stop list of arms to twist, and lives to ruin. It really is that obvious.

    The Democrats can see those logs, once they demonstrably stop weaponizing government records for partisan gain.

    And frankly, I would expect Godot to arrive at a casino in Afghanistan, on February 30th, and win a 7-number bet at roulette, before that would happen.

    1. You’re right. I have realized that this is the Dems’ gameplan — ruin all the lives they can and make people fearful to be noticed.

      1. Yeah, why are all the Republicans such cowards? Why don’t they fight back these political charges and untrue headlines on CNN/MSNBC, etc.? Why are the Republicans like Sessions recusing themselves when they have done nothing wrong? Fight back you stupid Republicans, never show fear to an animal, especially democrat/communist animals.

  2. WH logs should be public. If discretion is required meet elsewhere. Or have two separate logs or something. Not this.

    Obama’s people met at Starbucks or somewhere.

  3. What happened to America First?

    were we sold a bill of goods?

    I had a bad feeling about Trump but this is worse than I could ever imagine

    And yes he is still better than Hillary


    1. Why do you have a bad feeling toward Trump? You should have a bad/frightening feeling toward the democrat/communists that want to take over America and throw it in the trashcan along with the human babies they kill, millions of them since the 1970’s???

  4. I don’t like this secrecy — but I like even less that people applaud Obama for being open, when in reality he was forced to make his visitor rolls public.

    I suppose the Trump White House will be forced to do so, too.

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