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Eleven Campaign Positions Trump Has Reversed

As President Trump faces criticism for flip-flopping on a number of issues, the White House has pointed to his focus on results to explain why the president has not always taken the same positions he did as a candidate, the Washington Examiner reports

From abandoning a pledge to confront China economically to voicing tentative support for a Federal Reserve chair he previously criticized, Trump’s policy changes this week likely exacerbated fears among his populist supporters that the “America First” agenda is vulnerable in an ideologically divided White House.

To see Trump’s top 11 flip flops, read the rest of the Washington Examiner piece here.

9 thoughts on “Eleven Campaign Positions Trump Has Reversed”

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  2. “exacerbated fears”?
    Us “populist supporters” understand a lot more than the MSM believes – even though we are “non-college educated or blue-collar workers or of some religious group or Pro-life supporters.
    The Examiner does not have information of what the Chinese leader and MrTrump discussed or if a deal was proposed and agreed upon. If PresTrump negotiated a money deal with China, did we expect him to brag about it afterwards – No, we didn’t. Diplomacy is the word.
    The military response is part of the POTUS job and a mere candidate doesn’t have access to every intel necessary.

    He can’t do it all from the Oval office. He can’t dissolve Obamacare, he can’t write laws, he can’t change embedded policy all by himself. We know that, we understand how it works.
    What has he done so far – way too much to list (or remember now), but illegal immigration is now a real punishable crime, companies are more comfortable and hopeful for the future, the Feds are out of the land-grabbing business and the everything else business.

    We understand a candidate’s position on issues – he/she HOPES to do these things, he/she will TRY to do these things.
    There is a difference.

    1. And it would be nice if the Republicans would help by repealing Obamacare and starting again.

      And maybe this year Mr. Ryan can come up with a budget. A budget that includes funding for the national security border wall.

  3. Trump has not labeled China a currency manipulator because China now knows that a wise eye is upon them and if they pull a currency trick they WILL be labeled as a manipulator.

    I think “flip-flopped” is a childish phrase to use for changes or apparent changes in position. If you did not use it, you might be able to do a more insightful job of understanding what is going on.

  4. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor…if you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”

    Two outright lies right there (proclaimed when Barry was actually president)…multiplied by each of the last four years where I’ve lost both my plan AND doctor each year – and that amounts to eight lies (and counting) for me.

    When candidate Trump’s “flip-flops” morph into Groundhog Day, like Barry’s have, let me know!

    1. My 2 cents.
      I “hired” Trump to coach the team.
      Like all sports coaches, every decision he makes will not be popular with the fans or players. He’s doing what he thinks is best, he’s the coach.
      I voted for him because I trust his judgment.
      In the final analysis, imo, Trump is doing what he believes is best for America, unlike the former muslim-in-chief.
      I’m not bailing on Trump.

  5. Trump has been so successful already causing change, He has NOT reversed his positions. Its disappointing that so many can’t see the forest for the trees. Trump has a 360 degree view and not only sees the forest, he knows how to navigate it. He is so far beyond what most expect in a politician most (not all) pundits don’t have a clue what he’s doing. MSM and majority of pundits don’t know how to assess him because they are trying to make a 2-dimensional image of a 3 or 4-dimensional strategy. Come on people… wake up and realize he is much smarter than you think. Not an unyielding ideologue, not a Washington insider. He’s a pragmatic genius who knows how to make America the best it can be. And that ain’t easy after all the damage progressives have done. Did you think he could just go to the White House and click his heels to magically make all his wishes for America come true? Do you not know the HUMONGOUS riches the corrupt establishment and progressives (regressive really) have in their arsenal to fund their idiot warriors? We are so lucky to have Donald Trump in the White House I can’t wait to see all these nay-sayers limping around with their tails between their legs, in 2 years or so.

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