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White House Dodges Charges of Trump “Flip Flopping”

Some conservatives and other Trump backers are getting a bit noivous.

President Trump’s evolving positions on China, NATO and other issues can be chalked up to either circumstances moving closer to Trump’s positions or his desire to improve the lives of Americans, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday, according to the Washington Examiner.

Trump has been slammed Thursday for flip-flopping on a number of positions. In recent days, he’s deemed NATO no longer “obsolete” as he did on the campaign trail and said China is not a currency manipulator, despite making that a regular part of his stump speech. He’s also praised Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and supported the Export-Import Bank, positions he felt the opposite on during the campaign.

Spicer said Trump’s feelings on certain issues continue to evolve, or in some cases, others are evolving toward his positions.

4 Responses to White House Dodges Charges of Trump “Flip Flopping”

    • srdem65 Surely you understand that only the eloquent and elegant like Obama “evolve”. The more crude, flamboyant, flashy can only “flip flop”.

      You must understand the MSM desire to report accurately and fairly.

  1. I really don’t have a problem with politicians “flip-flopping” as situations change, or new information comes to light. Previous held positions that change with circumstances are good. When politicians change views for political reasons…I have a problem with that. In the case of Trump, since the campaign he has MUCH more information about NATO, China’s currency and other subjects that he’s accused of flip flopping on. What’s wrong with changing perspective as new information becomes available?