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Top U.S. Catholic Bishop Rebuts Trump on Immigration

The top Roman Catholic bishop in the U.S. lauds President Trump for his anti-abortion views, for comments on the importance of Catholic schools and for promising to defend religious liberties. When it comes to refugees and immigration, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo says he and Trump will “have to agree to disagree,” the Associated Press reported.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Associated Press, DiNardo, the archbishop for Galveston-Houston and president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, expressed concerns about Trump’s now court-stalled executive order blocking immigration from six Muslim-majority nations and about the effects the Trump administration’s immigration policies could have on families.

“We have kids in our Catholic schools that are crying during the day,” DiNardo said. “They’re not sure whether their mommy or daddy is going to be home at night when they get back from school. … There’s no reason why that has to happen.”

9 Responses to Top U.S. Catholic Bishop Rebuts Trump on Immigration

  1. The Church preaches compassion, and for these kids, we agree. But they also preach parables, commandments, and the Gospel. Some of them are strict.

    I consider myself a decent human being, a Christian, but a poor Catholic. Too many years of nuns and their “teachings”…

    Is it humane and compassionate to continue to let the border mules mistreat these kids as they migrate here? We tend to forget the path these people take just to get here. Discouraging illegal transfer on the southern border is not a sin; its showing concern and compassion for the people involved.

    Its also the law.


    • ” But they also preach parables, commandments, and the Gospel. Some of them are strict.”
      And the Church has its own laws regarding the faith.
      We have ours.

  2. They are only upset because the gravy train of government money to resettle and house and feed the migrants, will soon come to an end. The Church has now become one of the leading money grubbers in the refugee racket. I did not hear him making any comments about the Christians bombed in Egypt right before Easter. I have zero sympathy at this point. We have enough of our homeless and mentally insane to cope with, not to mention our Veterans….I am tired of the door always being open.

  3. The Catholic church needs to return to saving souls, not becoming political activists for law breakers.
    There are NO Muslim students in Catholic schools, but there may be children of illegal aliens in attendance.
    The illegal aliens have broken our laws, do not belong here in the US of A, and should return to their homeland (taking their children with them).

  4. What part of illegal don’t these people understand?

    What part of go through the process legally don’t these people understand?

    I just don’t get it.