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U.S. Conducts Massive Exercise in Japan as Warning to North Korea

New sheriff in town. But President Trump must remember that shows of force may have to be back up by . . . force.

A Japan-based combat-ready Air Force wing showed off its aircraft Wednesday in a clear warning to North Korea, the Washington Examiner reported.

Fox News reported the 18th Wing conducted a surprise military exercise at Kadena Air Base in Japan as North Korea is rumored to be nearing a sixth nuclear weapons test.

A group of HH-60 Pave Hawks, F-15 Eagles, E-3 Sentries and KC-135 Stratotankers all took part in the exercise, the report said. Photos from the no-notice event showed jets lined up down the entirety of a runway on the base.

Such exercises are known as an “elephant walk,” featuring planes taxiing in tight formation before takeoff.

10 thoughts on “U.S. Conducts Massive Exercise in Japan as Warning to North Korea”

  1. Nothing like waving the big stick to impress those who think their twig is scary.

    Good for the military. Exercise, stay ready and prepared, and find where the weak spots are, etc etc.
    My dear Father said the US military learned the hard way during WWII that it was folly to wait until war is declared to prepare the troops and upgrade equipment.

  2. I am wondering if the MOAB call wasn’t just a response to on the ground situation by the Commander in Afghanistan. And Japan more planned.


  3. Better to be prepared, and show that you are prepared. The off its rocker regime in North Korea is preparing for the “mother of all battles.” Telling it’s ppl that the imperialist US is starting a war so they can attack first. The Great Leader is nutter than a bedbug.

    1. From the 5th Century classic, “The Art of War”, by Sun Tzu”:
      “Always be so well armed, fortified and willing to fight, that no enemy will ever dare to attack you”.

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