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Trump: Rice’s Actions were Political

If you were a betting man or a betting woman, would you be against the proposition that she acted politically? I wouldn’t. 

President Trump rejected the idea that Obama national security adviser Susan Rice wasn’t being political when she requested the “unmasking” of people connected to Trump’s campaign who were caught up in surveillance,” the Washington Examiner reported.

A recent report from CNN indicated that both Democratic and Republican congressional sources believe Rice was acting appropriately in her requests. However, Trump — speaking in an interview recorded before the report was published — said there’s no way Rice wasn’t acting politically.

“Does anybody really believe that? Nobody believes that,” he said. “Even the people who try to protect her in the news media. It’s such a big story and I’m sure it will continue forward. What they did was terrible.”

5 Responses to Trump: Rice’s Actions were Political

  1. If they find that she committed a crime, then by all means prosecute. If not, then don’t bother commenting. Too much vitriolic biting back and forth with no possible benefit. Trump is lowering himself by commenting.

  2. My source, the garbage engineer, are as much reliable as CNN’s “sources”. As least I know my source works hard for an honest living. Rice is a partisan hack working for the biggest hack ever. You really think she did anything on her own? I think not.

  3. Keywords:

    “…congressional sources…”
    ~Anything relating to this Congress means it is said by 535 (Dem & Rep) LIARS, IDIOTS, RETARDS, CRIMINALS & SCUMBAGS.