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Trump Still Wants to do Healthcare Before Tax Reform

He needs to get on his bully pulpit if he’s going to do it and counter Democratic arguments that he’s trying to deny people coverage.

President Trump will tackle healthcare policy before pivoting to tax reform despite saying last month that he was done trying to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Washington Examiner reported.

“We’re going to have a phenomenal tax reform [plan], but I have to do healthcare first. I want to do it first to really do it right,” he told Fox Business’ host Maria Bartiromo in an interview that will air Wednesday.

“Healthcare is going to happen at some point. Now if it doesn’t start fast enough, I’ll start the taxes. But the tax reform and the tax cuts are better if I can do healthcare first,” Trump said.

3 Responses to Trump Still Wants to do Healthcare Before Tax Reform

  1. Will someone please explain to me why we care about Syria ?? Who cares about Assad?

    Mean time the GOP is still stalling on Obummercare. Why ?? Just do it!!

  2. Healthcare does not require a bully pulpit. Mo’s one line bill repealing it works.

    As for President Trump who I support. He is too busy using his bully pulpit to demean by name and in a very insulting way, members of the Freedom Caucus and now Bannon.

    He’s the President, can pick his own staff, and lead his own way. But this inclination of his, to diss the conservatives and those who supported him when others very publicly did not, and now align himself with Ryan, McCarthy and others in the GOPe is not what I voted for. I also did not vote for Ivanka Trump or to enable her husband’s path to the Presidency. Finally why Obama cronies/Trump enemies are still around boggles my mind.

    Wasting time on Paul Ryan’s plan for “healthcare” and not moving forward on Tax Reform suits the GOPe very well. It would be a mistake to be mired in Healthcare because the Republicans did not do their job.

    Trump has done more than enough to justify his election. And HRC would have destroyed us. But I will watch more carefully as Trump moves through his first term and those who with him.