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Trump Says China Not a Currency Manipulator

President Trump will not name China a currency manipulator this year, despite repeated campaign promises to do so on his first day in office, the Washington Examiner reported.

Trump told the Wall Street Journal Wednesday that he will not officially name China a currency manipulator in a forthcoming report because the country, he said, hasn’t recently been artificially manipulating the yuan and because doing so would hurt the U.S. in negotiating with China over North Korea.

“They’re not currency manipulators,” Trump said.

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5 Responses to Trump Says China Not a Currency Manipulator

  1. Some never understand – he might be highly educated, wealthy beyond our dreams, live in high places and socialize with the top 1% of the 1%, but we understand him.
    We know what he’s doing, what he means, how he’s playing everyone. He barters, he trades, offers low or high, all the while moving the pieces how he wants.
    We know and it’s OK, so relax.

    • -His motivations might be true, yet can he withstand the larger interconnected world, whereby he becomes just one figure in the larger emphasis of trade dealings? If he’d stuck to a more national view and prioritized U.S. economic output here at the beginning, then the rest of the world could follow the lead, respectively. This way he has allowed that everything is simply a deal.

      • He has had international experience in business and I am certain this is at least as useful as a career in politics. He’s been one player among many as he’s brought projects to fruition or lost them to outside forces. He knows what he’s doing.

    • Precisely.
      It’s simply Art of the Deal.
      You trade something for something back that has a greater value. Good old American “horse trading”.
      Not worried one bit.

  2. This is okay with me. President Trump is in a position to keep an eye on this issue and if China does manipulate their currency, he will do something about it.

    I’m sure they have in the past and I’m sure if Obama were President they would do it again. Now, however, they know they are being watched by the watchful and the informed.