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MSM Reporters Falsely Accuse Sessions of Calling Illegals “Filth”

Oh, they must have felt so good for a little while until they realized they’d let their wishes get ahead of responsible reporting.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not refer to illegal immigrants Tuesday as “filth,” contrary to claims from a few media personalities, the Washington Examiner reported.

Sessions delivered an address to a gathering of U.S. border agents. During his speech, the attorney general focused specifically on the issue of cartel violence in the United States.

A copy of his prepared remarks called for him to refer specifically to the MS-13 and Los Zetas gangs, and to call their leaders and members “filth.” Though Sessions mentioned these infamous criminal enterprises in his speech, he didn’t use the word “filth.”

His larger point about cartel violence got lost, however, as certain members of the press soon tweeted out snippets of his remarks without the necessary context.

“Sessions to border agents, ‘It is here, on this sliver of land, where we first take our stand against this filth,'” Politico’s Josh Dawsey tweeted, linking to a Wall Street Journal report titled, “Undocumented Immigrants Who Commit Crimes Face Tougher Policy.”

11 Responses to MSM Reporters Falsely Accuse Sessions of Calling Illegals “Filth”

  1. He didn’t say that? Allow me.
    The Mexican gangs are the scum of America. They bring evil, crime, death, and poison into our cities.
    They are the filth we should clean out from our dear country.

  2. Talk about living in a bubble.

    Some of the stuff MS-13 has been suspected of–if not formally charged with–in just the greater DC area, is sickening. I’m not going into details, and I wouldn’t recommend searching them out without a strong stomach or a handy bottle of Xanax, if not both.

    Point is, there are a lot of atrocities being committed by MS-13 in the Beltway media’s backyard. And yet, the reportage suggests none of them are the least bit worried that violence will befall THEM, oh no no NO.

    They’re living in a bubble inside Washington; in effect, they’re living two bubbles removed from the real America.

    And they still, somehow, wonder why they aren’t trusted!

    • The State of Texas gave the city of Houston $500.000 to combat MS 13.
      There are 7,000 members of MS 13 in prison in El Salvador and an estimate another 70,000 that should be.

  3. This is another example of how the media elites and their political allies are using a vile tactic to bring down Trump–a modernized form of McCarthyism. They accuse Trump and his associates–Jeff Sessions, in this case, and the entire Cabinet–or Bannon or Gorsuch, or Ivanka, etc.–of all sorts of bizarre associations, saying weird stuff, doing peculiar things. It’s all a very old tactic being used now to create a dark picture of everything and everyone connected with Trump.

    This tactic to destroy a perceived “enemy” (we know the R and D elites and the corporate media consider Trump “the Enemy”) worked for Stalin and Mussolini and Mao Tse-tung for a long time. But it’s not working this time to destroy Trump. We can all see right through it.

    • Depends on who you refer to as “we”. The minions on the left eat it up as gospel, and are continually reminded that Trump is an evil maniac, and they should ignore the obvious good decisions he is making.