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Donor Steps in to Cover Valerie Jarrett’s $30,000 Speaking Fee

Seriously? A school would pay $30,000 to hear Valerie Jarrett’s canned selection of sentences she’s using to cash in on her government service? Let her go speak to people who can afford to bask in ValJar’s sublime glow.

A donor has stepped forward to save Northeastern Illinois University from having to foot the bill for former Obama adviser Valerie Jarett to speak at the school’s commencement, the Washington Examiner reported. The school’s dire financial situation had made the choice into an outrage.

Despite budget impasses, cuts to class schedules and union protests, the school approved Jarrett’s $30,000 honorarium. The school’s board of trustees made the decision a day after the school’s interim president declared a “state of emergency” amid the 22-month budget impasse.

Audio obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times reveals many board members were outraged by the decision and sought to use the donation to offer a student scholarship instead.

11 thoughts on “Donor Steps in to Cover Valerie Jarrett’s $30,000 Speaking Fee”

  1. What, in heavens name, will she address? How she was really the woman behind the man? She made all the decisions?

    Really. Who is she that she is worth $30K.

    Pay me a quarter of the amount and I will be happy to talk to the graduates. I will tell them how poor my family was growing up, how faith In God, staying married, waiting for marriage to have kids, living within your means, and hard work and determination really do make a difference.

  2. Slum lord Val can only get 30k…how the mighty moron has fallen.
    The midget is a joke now! From vast power to zero…..ha ha ha….someone should pack her Muslim loving ass and she her to Iran.

  3. In a very backhanded way, it almost makes sense, by Chiraqistan logic.

    Think of it this way: it’s much cheaper than bringing in Sir Golfsalot, and ValJar was the one who was really calling the shots anyway.

    So why overpay for the sock puppet, when they could book the hand on the cheap?

    I agree that it’s boneheaded, but I see what they may have been thinking.

  4. Well, she probably needs the money to cover the rent Obama is charging her…. after all, sex with an ex-POTUS is only worth so much….

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