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Obama State Dept. Spokeswoman: Syria Attack Just “Fancy Fireworks”

I think the Obama administration — which watched several hundred thousand people die in Syria while it couldn’t make up its mind what to do, invited Russia into the Middle East, allowed its “red line” to be crossed, and didn’t even get Russia to remove the chemical weapons from Assad’s possession — needs to keep its collective mouth shut.

A spokeswoman for President Obama’s State Department on Friday dismissed President Trump’s missile attack on Syria as “fancy fireworks” that won’t mean anything without the right “diplomatic follow-up,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“There’s a lot of political theater going on right now,” said former spokeswoman Nayyera Haq, who was at the State Department from 2010 to 2014.

16 Responses to Obama State Dept. Spokeswoman: Syria Attack Just “Fancy Fireworks”

    • Very late here on comment but correct srdem65.
      Obama and his administration had 8 years of empty rhetoric on foreign policy.
      Anything they say now is still empty rhetoric, completely meaningless and of no value.

  1. I loved the photo of Trump sitting at the head of the table with the big boys during the security meeting to plan the Syrian strike. Reminded me of that photo of Obama crouched down at the corner of the table during the Osama bin Laden takedown — not!

  2. “A spokeswoman for President Obama’s State Department” — no, Obama does not have a State Dept. and it’s wrong to imply that he does even for the sake of brevity. Accuracy is more important when there is a former President trying to run a shadow gov’t.

    • Yes, it’s disturbing. Obama’s State Department no longer exists…just as his presidency no longer exists. As Obama himself mentioned during the transition, “We only have one president at a time.” No need for any “spokeswoman” to be quoted on anything.

  3. What if all of the former Obama court members’ thoughts went unmentioned by any press. The message needs to be emphatically sent: we don’t care what you think. Your day is done.

  4. Marie Harf was on Hannity last night saying Obama would have used force but Congress wouldn’t let him and he obeys the constitution, nah,nah,nah.

    She made me want to harf.