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Tillerson: Steps Underway to Oust Assad

And replace him with what? Are Americans going to die to install a different group of barbarians? This sounds a lot like the Obama policy: Do just enough to keep the war going so hundreds of thousands more die, have international conferences, etc., etc.

I’ve got it, maybe we can have the Russians remove Assad’s chemical weapons. Except, hang on, looks like last time they missed a few last time.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Thursday that steps are “underway” to organize an “international community effort” to oust Syrian President Bashar Assad, a major policy shift triggered by the latest chemical weapons attack in the country’s ongoing civil war, the Washington Examiner reported.

“With the acts that he has taken, it would seem that there would be no rule for him to govern the Syrian people,” Tillerson told reporters. “The process by which Assad would leave is something that I think requires and international community effort, both to first defeat ISIS within Syria, to stabilize the Syrian country to avoid further civil war, and then to work collectively with our partners around the world through a political process that would lead to Assad leaving.”

Tillerson added that “those steps are underway” already.

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  1. It’s back to the oust Assad game. I read somewhere that there at 10,000 American troops presumably not in boots, on the ground courtesy of Obama already.

    Trump, Tillerson and gang are looking pretty pathetic right now. I don’t think there has even been time to vet the accuracy of this claim.

    The Russia, Syria, Iran triad pretty satisfied with the way things are going. Thanks Barack.

    • Apparently Hillary is President, she and Trump are co-Presidents, what is she doing with intel about Syria that she made her little statement about bombing the air field?

      This animal is still unindicted? Susan Rice, Podesta still free?

      No wonder America is down the tubes.

  2. I’ll keep it short.
    “There is only one thing certain about war, that it is full of disappointments and also full of mistakes.”

    Churchill, 27 April 1941, Broadcast, London (cited in Langworth, Churchill: In His Own Words)

  3. Trump indicated he would not tell our enemies what he was going to do.

    What Assad did was reprehensible and against EVERY know rule by the World leaders. Every one!!!

    It also sends a significant message to other countries… IE North Korea.

    ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Edmund Burke

    • Assad DID NOT use poison gas! It was a FALSE FLAG operation promulgated by the neocons to keep the money-machine (aka: “war effort”) alive. WHAT THE HELL is going on with Trump? HE KNOWS THIS! Has the enemy taken over the WH, and are holding Trump and/or his family hostage, or what?

      What we NEED is to get the hell OUT of these foreign entanglements! Who died, and made the USA the “world police”? We have enough problems right here at home that need 100% of our attention!

      If Trump does not reverse course on this and let other nations do whatever other nations do– then, the honeymoon is OVER, and it’s back to preparing for the CIVIL WAR. Now, just *THINK* about what that means.

  4. China President Xi Jinping, making his little visit with President Trump today, is learning a lesson right up close and personal, isn’t he? He may want to change his mind about continuing to interfere with international ship traffic in the South China Sea and playing footsie with US Navy destroyers protecting the free flow of shipping in that area of the world. The Fat Boy from North Korea may be just too stupid to learn from today’s message from Trump. So, we’ll see how that works out relative to North Korea’s continued testing of intercontinental ballistic missile testing.

    2017 is going to be a tough year as Trump begins to unwind Barry Obama’s catastrophic foreign policy which purposely gave the world’s worst tyrants free reign to spread their hell. That era is over, it would appear. There will be plenty of mistakes and missteps along the way, so we have to watch all this carefully.

    • Been re-thinking this action by Trump and fully agree with you Marcus.
      He’ll continue to get beat up by the media, nothing will change their minds.
      As you pointed out so well China and NoKor will be looking at Trump in a different light.

      • All things considered, I agree. It was a statement and it was limited and cautious.

        I can’t wait until the Dems start up. After 8 years of meddling around the world with Barack Obama , essentially at war, they will get all “girly” about this — but the Congress, the Constitution, blah, blah, blah. Flagrantly hypocritical and with nary a word about all the American currently in country put there by Obama.

        The best one might be that he did totally by passed the UN. Works for me.

    Trump now has lost the support from the anti-war groups but he has won the support of other groups, ISIS and Al Quaida. Some comfort ?
    He changed his position on Syria in a blink of an eye. Who persuaded him ? Why ? And why now when Chinas leader is in DC, probably embarrassing him enormously ? I do not believe for a second this is about the, possibly staged, “gas attack”. Remember the build-up of the Iraq war ? The WMD that wasn´t there ?
    I read Trumps “proclamation of war”. I would like him to explain what the vital national security interests of US are in this ? And who would fill the vacuum after Assad ? Let´s remember Libya, the removal of Khadaffi meant disaster for Libya and Europe and endless terrorism. And finally,and most important, what will Russias response be ?
    The questions are many. It is an understatement to say that I am disappointed in this administration right now.I believed in Trump when he called for diplomacy and non-intervention in the foreign politics. Now, it seems like we could just as well have Hillary in the White House.

    • With all due respect, I would like to think for now that President Trump has a bit more information that we do not. And just no not ever Hillary.
      Crazy times!

      • Crazy times indeed.
        Pelosi and Schummer agree with Trumps decision and surprisingly, to me, the Brits.

        Well, the UK is supporting Trumps action.
        The UK government says it “fully supports” the US missile strike against an air base in Syria over a suspected chemical weapons attack.
        Defence Secretary Michael Fallon said the PM had been “informed throughout” but the UK was not asked to take part.
        He described the strike as “limited” and “wholly appropriate”.
        Snipped from BBC News

    • As far as China goes. They need to rein in or deal with the dangerous and increasingly troublesome NORK. Rather than embarrass President Xi it serves to put him on notice. And that is a good thing. imo

    • This was a direct targeted response to a threat of chemical weapons. We already do have people on the ground and we have been dropping bombs on Syria from Jordan for quite some time.

      Talk to anyone who recently served in the area.

      I do not favor a concerted effort to oust Assad or to increase the engagement, but to act as if this was new policy is not correct.

  6. Don’t forget that Trump met with King Abdullah of Jordan. I am sure Trump gained some insight from him. Jordan has a serious burden of taking in the Syrian refugees.

    When Reagan fired the airline controllers. Russia realized that Reagan is someone you don’t mess around with.

    Maybe North Korea got the message on this one.

  7. George Soros recommended to replace Assad as Syrian King President Dictator Head Sleezebag. Hungary backing the idea. Left Liberals crying, conservatives arranging transportation for George. CNN,NBC,MSMBC, NYTimes, WAPO, Join hands to hold George in USA. World currency markets rejoicing at the idea for Soros to be a world leader, but, in some other world.

    • Hungary is vehemently opposed to Soros. I don’t even think he is allowed in the country. And I think, but am not certain, s SOROS backed university was shut down or forced to move.

      They may want to replace Assad but they would not ally with Soros.

  8. “And replace him with what?”
    Gee, I seem to remember this tune from the early 90’s after Saddam got kicked out of Kuwait and nobody wanted to go after him and destroy him.
    Same tune different decade.
    Not killing Saddam Hussein is at least part of the reason we are still battling tyrants in the Middle East.
    If we are going to spill American blood in these Godforsaken, sand blasted, hellholes then we need to install a government that is democratic, not Muslim or tribal, and totally sold out and friendly to American interests.
    Just like we did in Germany and Japan after WWII.

    • But we would have to kill all the Muslims to do that. They are all savages says the sniper who was there.
      They do not want our democracy , they are all Muslims and want sharia law. Not us!

      The bastards want Sharia law in Michigan, WTF !!

    • Susan Rice swore back in January that the Syrian government had voluntarily and verifiably gotten rid of all their chemical weapons. Proof positive it must have been someone else. Why would you not believe Rice?

      • Whenever the beady-eyed Susan Rice speaks, we have to apply the Susan Rice Rule: The truth is exactly the opposite of what she is saying. She is every bit the liar as are Obama, Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of that dysfunctional crowd.