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Intel Chair Nunes Recuses Himself from Russia Probe

A Democrat would never have stepped aside just because Republicans were demanding it.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes will temporarily recuse himself from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election in the face of an ethics investigation, he said in a statement Thursday.

According to the statement, Nunes will cease control to Reps. Michael Conaway R-Texas, Trey Gowdy R-S.C., and Tom Rooney R-Fla., the Washington Examiner reported.

Nunes has been the center of controversy following his decision to go to the White House grounds to view documents related to the case provided to him by administration officials. Instead of briefing the committee, Nunes went to the press and the White House with information that Trump and his associates may have been caught up in surveillance of legitimate targets before briefing the committee.

While Nunes has maintained that he could be an independent investigator, he has been criticized by Democrats for doing the White House’s dirty work and being more loyal to Trump than the investigation.

23 Responses to Intel Chair Nunes Recuses Himself from Russia Probe

  1. Democrats continue to throw sand in the gears.
    They are terrified that their support of an unlawful Obama regime will be exposed for all to see.

  2. If Nunes is 100% completely innocent of any accusation, the news cycles will be filled for the rest of year will be filled with Democrat pundits saying he wouldn’t have stepped aside if he was innocent.

    I am amazed how the Republicans fold like a cheap tent.

    • Really! Folding like a cheap tent is their defining characteristic.

      And Paul Ryan will do whatever he needs to do to become the Republican nominee for President.

    • There really is no accusation. He went to the President and spoke to the press. He did not follow “protocol” and inform the commitee first.

      If he had, it would have died there in my opinion. Nunes did nothing ethically wrong. He believes, and I believe, he could remain and head an independent, unbiased investigation.

      There are people here who seem to think otherwise. Like the Democrats are charging.

      I think he was pressured to step down by Ryan and the GOPe.

    • George Carlin… “Seven words you can’t say on TV” describes everyone serving in this US Congress…

      Why is EVERYONE in this US Congress nowadays nothing but a bunch of whiny, obnoxious, clueless, idiots… A POX ON THEM ALL!

    • Or, to be more precise – play by the left’s rules, which is to do exactly as they want to do and to hell with everyone else.

  3. Rooney is a Paul Ryan guy. He is also a deputy whip. He is ok, but always going to follow Ryan. He is my Congressman.

    I don’t think Nunes should have stepped down. I am growing tired of the Republicans bowing to the Democrats. And it is beyond laughable that the Democrats who lay prostrate in front of Obama and Hillary should accuse Nunes of being more loyal to Trump than the investigation. Laughable.

    The Democrats have a good scam going with this Russian thing. How many Trump supporters will step down “temporarily”. The Democrats are never satisfied. And Paul Ryan wants to be President so badly that he will never alienate the Democrats. Not a good trend.

  4. Either he has zero stomach for criticism, or he is dirty. Either way, go ahead and step down. We need honest people with courage.

  5. My 2cents?
    Every day I get e-mails to contribute to the NRC.
    I’ve been holding off waiting to see what they’ll do.
    Folding? Not a penny more.
    Not a eff’n penny more.

  6. This makes me so mad I could spit. Now heading up the committee is my own feckless Congressman, Mike Conaway. Although Mr Conaway is a decent sort, he’s unlikely to do anything to upset any GOPe applecarts in this investigation. He has been in Congress 8 years and have you ever heard of him? When I called his office to ask him to vote for “Anyone but Paul Ryan” for Speaker, his secretary was SHOCKED that we would oppose Mr Ryan. Which says a great deal.

    May God give him whatever it takes to surprise us by carrying on in Mr Nunes footsteps to uncover the real culprits … who aren’t Russian in any way.