As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Thursday, April 6, 2017

10:00 am || Receives the daily intelligence briefing
Noon || Departs White House
2:35 pm || Arrives West Palm Beach
6:30 pm || With the first lady, has dinner with President Xi Jinping and Madame Peng Liyuan of China; Mar-a-Lago

All times Eastern

12 Responses to Trump Schedule || Thursday, April 6, 2017

  1. My gosh. President Trump is a powerhouse.
    Yesterday he meet with King Abdullah II and I think it’s safe to say, they did some serious negotiating.
    Today he meets with with Chinese President Xi Jinping and I’m sure there’s going to be some serious negotiations.
    President Trump is doing more in two days than JugEars did in his entire last, thankfully, last term.
    Get er’ done Mr. President!

  2. Hold on – wasn’t MrsTrump going to stay in NYC, she hates her husband, and weren’t we told that she had no intention of being “FLOTUS”?
    Oh no. We’ve been lied to, given fake news again!

    • The left will use every nasty, cruel slur they can think of to throw at elegant, classy Melania, even to the point of criticizing her pose in her official portrait and her fabulous diamond ring. Yet they go into paroxysms of ecstasy because Mooch sported “natural” hair. Their jealousy knows no bounds.

      • And don’t forget the lefty fascists went all agog over Michelle’s arms. The Oprah magazine even ran articles like this:

        “How to Get Michelle Obama Arms”

        So, for the lefties, their hero and Master, Barry, could refused to come to the rescue of American heroes under terrorist attack in Benghazi, and the lefties couldn’t care less.

        But those Michelle Obama arms? Now that was exciting stuff for them.

      • I don’t remember the last time we saw Mooch’s natural hair.

        But re. the Left. They are out of control. And I am concerned about the concessions Trump is making. Bannon has been removed from the NSC. The Left is beside itself. Susan Rice called the apptmt at the beginning “stone cold crazy” and I call this removal “stone cold crazy” as well.

        Things such as this and the opposition to Gorsuch, the stepping aside of Gorsuch and other instances has me concerned.

        I agree re. the First Lady — vicious. And the handling of FP in a dangerous time — tread with caution and intelligence.

        • I am concerned about Trumps concessions too. Yesterday he said that he had changed his position on Syria because of the gas attack. He shouldn´t jump into conclusions without facts. Syria is denying it and condemns the use of gas. The question to ask is : who benefits from it ? Certainly not Assad . His enemies are gaining, they want the West to rally against Assad. And all the useful idiots do.
          Without Bannon, there seem to be no one to counterbalance the neocons.

          • Thanks for the link, Grace. Yes, DG is excellent. ” The justice department is a good place to start. Let a 1000 investigations bloom “. Yes, why not start to persecute all the Obama/Hillary criminals ? Or are these people back in the saddle ? I also liked the comment sector, and yes, Kushner starts to worry me too. Have a good day too.

        • Bannon wasn’t removed, he was a placeholder after Flynn left.
          McMasters is there now.
          Bannon can attend the meetings anytime he wants to.
          And no he didn’t lose his clearance.

          His duty there was finished, now he’s off to other things.