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Sasse: Biden Would Have Beaten Trump in a Landslide

Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., you may remember, was vociferously anti-Trump. I disagree with this though. People who were uncomfortable with Trump would have felt better about voting for him if the alternative was the screwball Biden.

From the Washington Examiner:

President Trump would not have a had a chance at winning the election if former Vice President Joe Biden had entered the race for the White House, Republican Ben Sasse said.

“If Joe Biden would have run against Donald Trump, Biden would have won in a landslide,” the Nebraska senator told New York Times Magazine.

Sasse said he would “argue pretty vociferously” that Trump mainly won because he was running against Hillary Clinton.

16 Responses to Sasse: Biden Would Have Beaten Trump in a Landslide

  1. #1. The Russians hacked the election
    #2. Trump conned the voters
    #3. Sanders muddied the waters
    #4. Rush Limbaugh twisted voter’s minds
    #5. The Russians
    #6. The FBI and Comey
    #7. Biden was the better candidate

    A zombie would have won the election running as a Repub. The voters didn’t like what the Dems did, didn’t want what the Dems wanted to do, and none of the above excuses are valid.

    • I don’t agree. Trump won bec people DID like him, DID want what he had planned, and DID choose to support HIM with their vote.

  2. Another RHINO Like all Libs he is crazy. Biden has a brain bleed and would have done something stupid and lost the election.

  3. OK. So why didn’t Biden run? Because the Ds greas skids for the drunken grandma.

    And that’s Trump’s or the Republicans’ fault, how?

  4. Give me A Break!

    Biden! In a land slide? As Deplorable Von Ebb said, ” Biden… and would have done something stupid and lost the election.”

    That doofus couldn’t “Landslide’ his way out of a wet paper bag.

    There’s no way that the US would elect someone so unqualified….Oh shit! Never mind. I just remembered the past 8 years.

    In spit of that, I think the “Landslide” would be the other way around.

    • Had the Clintonistas not accepted bribe money or (apparently) had dirty pictures of most of DC, Trump would have won in an epic landslide.

  5. I called Sasse’s office and asked a polite young man to give the senator the message that we did not vote for Trump because Biden wasn’t running. I was polite, too.

  6. “He coulda bin a contenda”

    That’s what “they say” about all losers.

    So there, Senator Ben Sasse, quit being “that guy” and sober up. The future belongs to those who actually run the race to completion – which President Trump did, masterfully and manfully and marvelously.

  7. Sasse is in idiot, was involved in the Franklin Cover up pedophile ring from years ago in Nebraska, and he supports pedo’s escaping justice. Research!

    Biden is a pedophile too. Check out YouTube videos..

    • The many videos of Biden touching, stroking and kissing young girls, in full view of their parents and the public, are sickening. Yet no-one ever tried to stop him.

  8. This is total BS. If you compare Trump’s swing state vote totals from 2016 and use them in 2012, Trump would have narrowly won the electoral college over Obama in 2012.