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Conservatives Ready to Walk Away from Health Deal

Moderates are not happy either. Looks like efforts to revive Obamacare repeal are dead, at least for this week, and Congress is out next week.

House conservatives appear ready to walk away from a revived proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare after complaining that the latest plan was being watered down to appeal to more moderate House Republicans, the Washington Examiner reported.

Sources with the House Freedom Caucus told the Washington Examiner the fledgling deal would fall apart if the terms of the agreement were modified, and that those modifications appear to have occurred in a late night meeting in the Capitol on Tuesday.

Conservative lawmakers had that reaction even as the White House was saying that talks were continuing. One White House official told reporters there was a sense that both sides were still getting closer to a deal.

8 Responses to Conservatives Ready to Walk Away from Health Deal

  1. Hopefully they will go home and get to hear from the people that are affected by whatever bill they pass.

    I welcome the fact that they haven’t thrown a half baked piece of crap at us just to say they did something.

    This has to be done right this time.

    • Yep. The cake ain’t baked yet. The hog-wrassling is still going on. Each side trying to fake the other side out. That’s Washington. That’s why we hate them so much.

    • And if it had not been for the Freedom Caucus — who is taking all the flak for this, including personal attacks by the President — we would have had a terrible weak bill that does nothing to address the problem.

      And when the Rep Congresscritters go home you can be sure that they will blame it squarely on the FC again. Worthless GOPe.

    • The idiots, criminals & scumbags of this US Congress should be forced to sign up foe whatever ‘Health Care bill’ they pass… That would show them how the real world works.

  2. OT, Bannon has just been removed from the security council and all of a sudden Trump is beginning to sound like a neo-con. At the press conference with King Abdullah he commented upon the gas-attack in Syria. Sounded like he is changing position on Assad ( and Russia ). Not good, not good at all. I really do hope this is not so. By the way, I don´t believe that the Syrian government is responsible, why should they gas their own people ? No reason for that at all. I believe it is the “rebels”, the islamists. These are the real barbarians here. They have a reason, they could do such a horrible act to put the blame on the government, to rally the West against Assad.

  3. You can’t mix a socialist and a free market plan. It’s either one or the other. Obamacare tried to do that and it failed. Then the RINOs are playing games with a one year cut to Planned Parenthood to try to suckered votes. Until they get serious about repeal they’re doomed to fail again and again.