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Rice: “I leaked Nothing to Nobody”

Yeah, well I’m not buying none of it.

Former national security adviser Susan Rice on Tuesday denied leaking any information about associates of President Trump who were caught up in incidental surveillance of legitimate targets, and said there was no political motivation behind requests for their identities, the Washington Examiner reported.

In an interview on MSNBC, Rice, President Obama’s national security adviser, said no one in Obama’s administration used intelligence information for political purposes.

Rice said reports she would receive would occasionally refer to “U.S. persons” who were caught up in legal surveillance. Occasionally, she would make a request to the intelligence community for the identities of those people in order to get more context for the reports and to determine if that person was a danger to national security.

21 Responses to Rice: “I leaked Nothing to Nobody”

  1. American law might make a distinction between “Hey, Joe Reporter, here’s the real name and some intel dirt on Opponent A,” and “Hey, Tom Middleman, here’s the real name, and some intel dirt, for Opponent A. You think Joe Reporter could use it?”

    Technical legal distinction-without-difference or not, it still stinks to high heaven.

    • She now joins the ranks of Donna Brazile and Maxine Waters. Its a three-way tie for dumbest woman in the Democrat party. “I leaked Nothing to Nobody”. Not only is she a stupid liar, she now shows the world her great lack of even basic English skills. She is, herself a double negative. How do these people even stay employed, let alone at a high salary?

  2. “…no one in Obama’s administration used intelligence information for political purposes”

    That’s the biggest whopper ever!!

    Absolutely frightening that the left can say ANYTHING and their minions eat it up as gospel.

    BTW, does CNN even listen to what they are saying? How can they look themselves in the mirror and call themselves journalists?

  3. “Democrats have gone from: Trump is insane for suggesting Obama admin spied on him,” the tweet said, “[to] Susan Rice was just doing her job.”

    A tweet from Fox

    • I am thoroughly disgusted with Fox. They probably believe it about Rice.

      They are not giving Trump any credit for his abilities, but are quick to find fault in EVERYTHING he does.

      I do believe Fox thinks it is a non story, too, or not significant enough to warrant a great deal of attention.

      How a guy got to be a millionaire was not by pure chance. It took hard work and lots of sacrifices.

  4. She has zero credibility, after lying and blaming Benghazi on a YouTube video and deeming Bergdahl’s service as “admirable.” We can’t believe a word she says. And she needs a lesson in English grammar stat.

  5. Come on! Do they think we’re really that stupid to believe this proven liar?

    Put her under oath, bring the former President back to DC, and let’s hear it all. They already lost most everything, so the down-size is miniscule.

    • None of the rats are going to squeal on each other. They’ll all take the fifth, just like the other Obama scum that have been before investigating committees. If you squeal you don’t get the lake house on a private island or the pre-loaded offshore bank account but you could get a bullet.

    • They do think we’re that stupid.

      And perhaps they’ve got justification. I mean, hey, sending Susan Rice out on all the shows to go lie like a rug worked for them in 2012, didn’t it?

      I’m just sayin’…

  6. Susan Rice is a pathological liar. She needs to be subpoenaed and investigated. If she shared the information with anyone, that is a crime, and she needs to be imprisoned.

    Instead, it will melt into the swamp .

    • good going Gracepc! You made me laugh again. Thanks. Its really disgusting how low this country is going, that they let these lying criminal communists infiltrate our government. Congress is as dumb as these dems, its like Congress says “duh” when the lies are told. But geez, why are these commies getting away with every crime they commit? From Bengazi and now this? This is serious stuff and CNN, MSNBC, CBS, channel 7, Congress, democrats, republicans, all just think this is the new norm and are too weak, scared and dumb to stop these people from continually ruining our country with these mutts in charge.??? There is absolutely no justification for letting people get away with serious crimes. Susan Rice, Obamas, Waters, etc. are laughing at the rest of us because they know they will not be charge with the crimes they commit because of both Republicans and Democrats who are in cahoots with each other, such as McCain and his buddy and many more who care less about the fact that Susan Rice, Barack Obama and all his gang members are getting away with everything and that may include murder too!!!

  7. Poor woman. Still carrying the water for the biggest fraud of a president I’ve ever known. Lying through her teeth everytime she steps in front of a camera for this bunch of psychopaths. What a disgrace. If the 1st 2 times weren’t bad enough, she’s over the top this time. What a flake.

  8. Obama is in Tahiti. Does the US have an extraditition treaty with Tahiti. If not, perhaps that is why he is there and staying quiet.

    • Please God, let him stay in Tahiti and then send for Susan Rice, Maxine Waters and all the rest of the lying bunch of dumb bunnies. These democrats are the most racist bunch of idiots and that includes the new “leader” of the dem dumb party who just cursed our President of the United States. The low I.Q.’s and the classless of these dems just astounds me! They have no shame, no brains, no nothing, everything that comes out of the democrat/communists mouths are lies, everything. All they like to do is kill Babies with Planned Parenthood, millions of babies. The Supreme Court agrees with the murder of babies, they went along with Roe v. Wade AND WITHOUT ANY LIMITS OR RESTRICTIONS TOO! THATS WHY MILLIONS OF HUMAN LIFE THROWN IN THE TRASH. SOUNDS DRAMATIC?, wELL, IT IS DRAMATIC, ITS EVIL AND THE U.S. IS PAYING NOW FOR HAVING BARACK OBAMA ONE OF OUR PAST PRESIDENTS.