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McConnell: We’ve Got the Votes to Go Nuclear

Gorsuch will be on the Court one way or another.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Tuesday that there are enough Republican votes to invoke the “nuclear option” and seat Judge Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court by changing Senate precedent to end the filibuster for high court nominees, the Washington Examiner reported.

Despite McConnell’s claim, several GOP senators left a closed-door lunch meeting grumbling about their leader’s decision to move forward with the plan to seat Gorsuch in the face of a Democratic filibuster.

“We’re moving forward with the Gorsuch nomination for the Supreme Court, which should be wrapped up sometime Friday,” McConnell told reporters Tuesday afternoon. “It appears as if cloture will not be invoked, but we’ll find out on Thursday. But either way, we’ll be moving to confirming Judge Gorsuch on Friday.”

15 Responses to McConnell: We’ve Got the Votes to Go Nuclear

  1. Go for it. If old Chuck wants to go down this road, let the dust fly. He’s fighting a battle he shouldn’t be fighting. Just to show his base he’s involved. He needs to save his fight for the next 2 nominees. Old Darth Vader Ginseng and Anthony Kennedy won’t be around till the next Democrat President. You might see a 6-3 conservative advantage if they aren’t careful.

    • OT Since you mentioned twilight zone. It is not only the government, it is also what used to be our finest educational institutions.

      Stanford University accepted an activist student who wrote #BlackLivesMatter 100 times as his essay. He did not answer the second part of the essay which was why.

      It is sad and gets worse. Blacks are now angry because the applicant Ziad Ahmed was not black.

  2. I sent a supportive email to McConnell. I don’t trust any of them to do what they say they will — so a little encouragement and pressure that we are watching.

    Miss Lindsey said she will vote to confirm but the haters like McCain, Murkowski (who was let in and shouldn’t have been) and Collins will most likely side with the Democrats. There is no excuse for not voting to confirm — so it’s pure look at me, look at me.

  3. Any GOP Senator who votes against Gorsuch and overriding the communist democrat senators needs to be voted out of office as soon as their sorry butts come up for re-election. It is take no prisoners time for those who betray us against the enemies of our Republic.

  4. “Despite McConnell’s claim, several GOP senators left a closed-door lunch meeting grumbling about their leader’s decision to move forward with the plan to seat Gorsuch in the face of a Democratic filibuster.”
    That right there is the problem with the GOP. They get on their mountain of saintliness and think they are too good to wrestle in the mud with the Democrats. The Democrats have no such reservations or scruples. They just do what needs to be done to get their way. To wit: Harry Reid and his machinations.

  5. My senator, Angus King, who keeps pretending he’s an “Independent” (he votes with the Democrats 96 percent of the time–he’s the biggest political phony in the history of the state of Maine) has today declared to Maine citizens and all the ships at sea that he will vote against Gorsuch.

    Oh, Angus was tormented, you see, over the decision. He was anguished, rattled, distressed, and discombobulated over how he should vote on the Gorsuch nomination. And then he suddenly remembered, “Hey, I’ve been a hard left wing, Progressive, political hack my entire life. I know exactly what to do about Gorsuch! Vote against him!” And now, Angus King will once again be able to sleep comfortably at night, be kind to little puppies and wander around Washington with his usual blank stare. His inner Democrat has, once again, guided him to the precisely wrong decision.

    Oh, I could tell you stories about Angus King, but this is a family-friendly site, so I shall keep the stories to myself.

  6. Sadly instead of a functioning legislative branch we have two rival teams that hate each other playing and practicing in the same gymnasium. As supposedly adult role models to society these folks act and behave like bully playground jerks that commandeered the monkey bars from the other kids.

    • I hope they all go to Hell!
      All 535 idiots, criminals, retards & scumbags both D and R of this cesspool US Congress :-)

  7. I watched how the MSM presented this ‘nuclear option’ plan, and not one mention was made that the dems invented this partisan tactic.

    I say use it early and often, stuff it right down their ugly throats. Quit wasting time and expecting the left to be reasonable.