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Mainstream Media Slow to Pick up on Rice Story

Of course they are. They want to destroy Trump, not Obama.

The national media had a slow start to covering a highly consequential report that said Susan Rice, national security adviser in the Obama administration, requested names of Trump transition team members who were incidentally caught up in U.S. surveillance, the Washington Examiner reported.

The report, published Monday by Eli Lake in Bloomberg View, said Rice was responsible for “unmasking” the identities of several of President Trump’s associates in intelligence reports.

Lake’s report, backed up by additional reporting by Fox News, could corroborate some of the White House’s claims that it was spied on by Obama officials during the transition period.

The New York Times ran a story Monday evening that said the Rice news originated in “in conservative news media outlets,” though Bloomberg View is not a conservative publication.

The paper also said that the White House’s citing of the report was an attempt “to deflect Russian scrutiny.”

The Washington Post also did not cover Lake’s original report but instead covered White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s press briefing on Monday, wherein he accused the media of a “lack of interest” in the story.

23 Responses to Mainstream Media Slow to Pick up on Rice Story

  1. Rice, once again…. she may be the scapegoat, the fall gal for this sinister affair.

    Meanwhile, deep in the shadows of a palm tree on a secluded South Pacific island, a man writes his second memoir, knowing he is literally out of reach, and the MSM simply ignores him.


      • Earlier this month Obama headed to French Polynesia alone after leaving Hawaii. The former commander in chief took to the quiet island of Tetiaroa in the South Pacific that is reportedly owned by Marlon Brando. The 35-villa resort he is staying at is eco-friendly and offers rooms that range from $2,150 to $13,201 per night.

    • So, you think he’s writing a book. Others, think this: (snark on my part):)

      “Once Obama heals from his sex-change operation he’ll hold a presser and explain how Rice’s conduct was completely above-board and legal….

      wonder what he’ll choose for his male name.

      • Good suggestion, Grace. No one ( in the MSM ) seems to question the fact that a Dad ( hmmm…) hides on an island all by himself for such a long time. Where are the rest of them, the “wife”, the girls ? Is the “family” dissolving ?

        • SL..his “family” was created to give Barry needed cover so he would appear normal when he decided to run for office. It’s a complete facade.

        • The coward Obama always runs away when the blank hits the fan. Don’t you remember all the times he ran like a high school boy our of fear?

  2. If Dick Cheney did this instead of Susan Rice they would be calling for his head. Raging.

    Nothing will happen to Rice. I am waiting for Sessions ….

  3. I’ll tell you what other interesting dog isn’t barking.

    Where, exactly, is Stompyfeet van Golfsalot?

    How come he hasn’t busted out the teleprompter and done some half fast Louis Renault act?

    I mean, really, considering the manipulative bastard that he is, he could very easily try to counterattack Trump with this. It all but writes itself:

    Absolutely no knowledge of any of this (blah blah blah), couldn’t possibly know all the machinations of all of the underlings (yadda yadda yadda), perhaps could have done things differently in some deliberately unspecified way (ronk ronk ronk), but the Trump administration is even worse because (scooby dooby doo).

    He hasn’t done it. And the longer he keeps his trap shut, the more it looks like he’s hiding something.

    • Haha! But you defiled the great Scooby Dooby Doo! He would have been a much better president than Obama.

      Also, you forgot the optional invoke of the former Bush presidency (blaaap blaap blaap)

    • “And the longer he keeps his trap shut, the more it looks like he’s hiding something.”
      Barry is hiding a lot–personally and professionally. His biggest fear is that it will all come out one day. And it will. Guaranteed.

  4. Bigger than Susan Rice. Getting rid of Barack Obama’s physical presence in the WH was step one. Now it is critical to root out every inch of him that is left in our government. Beginning with the intelligence community and the DOJ, IMO.

    Just like we cannot be a sovereign country with open borders, we cannot survive as a nation without the rule of law.

    Here is an interesting take on the larger implications of the Useful Idiot Rice.

    “The moment the party in power is permitted to exploit the extraordinary capabilities of our intelligence agencies to surveil in any way the party out of power is the moment that we are well on the road to high-tech totalitarianism. We may already be there.”

  5. Democraps are subversive LIARS. And susan rice is their secretary for public lying, supported by the propagandists who have shows on television that daily brainwash their sheep.