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Trump Schedule || Sunday, April 2, 2017

President Trump is in Washington, but he has no public schedule today.

During the morning, he headed to his golf club in Northern Virginia, where the White House says he is holding meetings. He also played a round of golf with OMB Director Mick Mulvaney and Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., with whom he discussed the Obamacare replacement bill.

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  1. The editors of the LA Times have decided that PresTrump has destroyed our country in less than 3 months in office.
    Poor people will be forced to give their paltry purses to the rich, sick people will die in the streets, and our waters and air will be hopelessly polluted.

    The primary explanation for this frantic call for the little people to rise up against this is that MrTrump is successful in changing the direction of government away from a socialist style, and worse – about to reveal the illegal or dubious actions of the former administration.
    Even though the constitutional checks and balances are still working at the higher levels of our government, the LA Times isn’t content to wait until another election to hopefully replace MrTrump with someone more to their liking.
    They could be accused of promoting unrest among the citizens to force the President’s removal.

      • I can’t believe I grew up with this being delivered every day, thankfully went to the church recycle each Sunday before it was cool.

    • The Times – and other leftist media – is pushing for an all-out war. They figure it’ll make for great ratings.

      What they don’t realize is they’ll be a part of it. And on the losing end.

  2. IBD asks why so-called “moderate” Republicans are not getting any of the blame for the defeat of RINOcare. They find that there were 44 Republicans opposed to the bill, but only 18 were from the “Freedom Caucus”.

    Plus over at Fox there is an article where Scavino calls out to primary Michigan’s Amash who is a conservative and good for Michigan

    Picking off opponents one by one is Trump style. But he is doing it to defeat conservatives and ally with Paul Ryan and the RINOs.

    I supported and continue to support Trump. He has done many good things. Trump never claimed to be a conservative. He’s looking more and more like a RINO on this. And a RINO Congress and a RINO Executive is just more of the same. This will make it very easy for Ryan to run for President.

    I am sidelined on Trump for now.

    • Paul Ryan needs to be spoken of with the same level of contempt with which one refers to the likes of Cassius, Robert Hanssen, the Cambridge Five, and Benedict Arnold.

      He would not be where he is without the votes of many Americans, in many places, whom he now betrays for personal gain.

      Never thought I’d say THIS, but here goes.

      At the very least, Obama did his best to keep faith with those who elected him. Paul Ryan isn’t even TRYING to do even that much.

        • I’m willing to give Trump the benefit of the doubt on that, and chalk it up as a rookie mistake.

          Ryan has been in Washington a lot longer, after all…

          • Targeting FC members by name and likening them to Dems is not a rookie mistake. It is classic Trump used against conservatives who supported him and helped elect him.

            No rookie mistake.

  3. Where are today’s Woodward & Bernstein? Who will follow trail to Obama’s administration? Press seems shallow. Go to substance! I feel for Spicer dealing with the “denial” press. He is doing a good job in dealing with the Dem conspiracy.
    I still think that Trump can put a stop to this by appointing a special prosecutor. Start with the Clintons, sale of uranium, high speaking fees to Bill, and then on to pay for play. Hillary and the foundation, etc. This would “change the channel”.

    • I do not think Trump is going to go after Clintons or anyone in the Obama Administration like Koskinen or those in DOJ, who remain at the top.

    • Today’s Woodward & Bernstein are named Julian Assange and Edward Snowden. On the “legitimate press” side, we have Keith Koffler and Sharyl Attkission and many others.

      Have faith. Do not allow the static to get in the way of the pure sound. Focus on the people worth listening to, and the actions President Trump tells us about – he will not lie to us, although he cannot always tell us all the details. President Trump is still gathering evidence and drawing out the wicked from their hiding places. Isn’t it a marvel how they keep showing their hand and outing themselves, whilst President Trump is quietly MAGA in daily accomplishments.

      • Thanks. Hope you are right. Right now the MSM seem to be controlling thr story. And it is Russia this and Russia that. Modern day McCarthyism.

    • Obamacare is such a disaster (much like the ex president who ran away to another island without his family!) I think this could take awhile. The employer paperwork is a nightmare!

      • Why has NO ONE in the US “MSM” even FOXNews mention that ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ has run of to Tahiti sans ‘family’…?

        • Oh, that’s an easy one. Our corporate press treats Barry O in the same way the North Korean press treats North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. They understand their role, as sworn members of the Obama cult, is to praise, glorify, worship and otherwise promote Barry, in the same way the North Korean media is expected to do so for the Fat Wonder of their own country. Their motto: Trump can never do anything right; Obama can never do anything wrong. Everyone can see it, that’s why the corporate press has only a 6 percent little or no trust rating with the American press.

          Simple as that.