As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Saturday Open Thread || April 1, 2016



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    • Thank you AF Vet! Thank God for people like Sibel. I was blown away by this video. A must see and hear. Will forward this to subscribers to the Darkness that is the Wash Post. Thanks again and again.

  1. This is the story from DC brought to us by way of the MSM and the Dems:
    *Someone in the Trump campaign talked to a Russian. Russians are bad people.
    *PresTrump is failing and insane. He isn’t the real POTUS, and he hates everyone.
    *MrNunes went to the WhiteHouse for information. No one knows how he got here – car, skateboard, invite or not. No one knows what he learned there.
    *The Senate Dems don’t want to approve of MrTrump’s choice for the Supreme Court because he lacks “humanity”.
    *VPPence loves and respects his wife. He must be a bad person.
    *The world will end because the US of A is building a pipeline that will be the same as dozens of already functioning pipelines throughout our country.
    *The citizenry is bored to tears with all of the MSM – right or left- and cares not if someone talked to a Russian or if VPPence doesn’t want to be alone in an elevator with a woman not his wife.
    **Can the public catch a break here? Give us the news, not opinions.

  2. I am loving the Trump Presidency, despite him getting whacked by critics from the left, right and msm. I posted this on a TCH open thread last night….

    It’s a Discovery Channel episode about the T-Bird (Trump’s corporate plane)w/o commercials, so it runs 45+ minutes of pure Trump. The only thing missing is a bumper sticker saying “My Other Plane is Air Force One”, but this was broadcast in 2012-ish, long before his June 2015 ride down that elevator :)

    Personally, I’ve watched this video a few times (yeah, I need a life)but it always reminds me why we elected him. Thank God!