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Krauthammer: U.S. May Favor Government Health Insurance

This is true. Obama and the Democrats have moved the debate and succeeded in convincing Americans that health insurance is a “right.” And so, therefore, is healthcare rationing and lousy medicine — and either high premiums or high taxes to pay for it all.

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer said the lasting effect of Obamacare, even if it does implode as Republicans predict, is that it may have led the public to embrace the idea of government-run universal healthcare, the Washington Examiner reported.

In a column published Thursday night, Krauthammer said the GOP, having failed to “repeal and replace” Obamacare, could make the attempt again in the coming months, but said people may reject the attempt because they’ve been conditioned to see healthcare as an entitlement.

“A broad national consensus is developing that health care is indeed a right,” he wrote. “This is historically new. And it carries immense implications for the future. It suggests that we may be heading inexorably to a government-run, single-payer system. It’s what Barack Obama once admitted he would have preferred but didn’t think the country was ready for. It may be ready now.”

12 Responses to Krauthammer: U.S. May Favor Government Health Insurance

  1. Interesting. It’s going to be Medicaid for poor people who pay nothing for health care, Gov’t healthcare for working people that will gut their take-home wages, and Medicare for elders who still pay for health care.
    The Gov’t will decide who gets care, when they get it, and who it is.
    oh, wait. Isn’t that Obamacare?

  2. We have been experiencing a constant “ratcheting down” of our freedoms in favor of larger and larger government. Health care is just a symptom of the larger problem. What is happening is a dumbing-down of our entire culture, and will ultimately cause our collapse if we can’t stop it. Nobody wants to be responsible for themselves any more, and we are headed down a road where we will find out the hard way that government can’t do the job either. I feel bad for good kids. They are going to suffer for our laziness and inability to say ‘no’ to liberals.

    • Yep. Democrat fascists always strive to herd the citizenry into a government approved and constructed corral. They do this by controlling the free flow of information, destroying open sourced energy distribution, promoting group-think brainwashing in the education of our children in government mandated opinion and subject matter, healthcare distribution, theft and distribution of personal income, demanding dependence and approval on government for all family and personal level decisions, twisting the language and meaning of words to suit the needs of government officials, etc.

      All the while, there is government-approved and promoted mocking, insulting and the vengeful personal destruction of all those brave souls who dare to criticize, question, raise concerns about the demands and direction of Big Government.

  3. Let’s just REPEAL Obamacare– even the severely broken health care system we had before Obamacare was better than ANYTHING the federal government can “provide”.

    I am more and more leaning in the direction of going with a Christian healthcare cost sharing system– there are a few of them– is one such example. This is a non-profit where the members share each other’s health care costs– and is FAR less costly than traditional medical insurance. Note that (very surprisingly) Obamacare specifically ALLOWS this– while the idiotic “Ryan-O-Care” took it out.

    If the federal government does anything (after flat-out repealing Obamacare), they should allow competition across state lines, pretax health savings accounts (HSA), allow people to buy pharmaceuticals through the Internet from approved sources in the USA, Canada, and Mexico, and continue to allow Christian health sharing co-ops. And finally, reward providers for posting their fees and prices for goods and services, so that patients can shop around for the best deals (and the patient should be rewarded for doing so). I probably left out a few things that I can’t remember– but anything that promotes (fair) competition is going to improve quality while simultaneously reducing costs.

    I’m totally AGAINST single-payer insurance, as it is collectivist (aka: communistic), and has been proven throughout the world to provide substandard care at bloated prices (if you count all of the extra taxes to “run” it). NO, NO, NO— THAT is NOT what I voted for DJT to do. I will fight and die before I allow this great country to march down the dark road to communism! (BTW: There are 80+ million heavily armed Americans that are thinking the SAME THING right now).

  4. I’ve actually heard him and others indicate this before.

    Most of the Socialist Left leaning people I know just think the “RicH or Business will pay” They use the “1%”ers as and example.

    They have a lot of money … just let them pay…

    Does this all sound familiar???

  5. Whenever a pundit says, ” This (whatever) is what Americans think about (fill in the blank)”, it’s always important to look for data to check the pundit’s opinion. In this case, Krauthammer’s opinion is not supported by the data.

    From The Fiscal Times (in 2014, but likely even more negative because more people have been effected by ObamaCare):

    “A new poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation shows that just 35 percent of voters support Obamacare, while 47 percent say they feel negatively about it. A similar poll released today by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News found that among registered voters, 34 percent are in favor of the law, while 48 percent are against it.”

  6. If the country is ready now it is because we have had so many years of government funded assistance,especially during the Obama years — remember when unemployment cut off began extending way beyond a reasonable time limit and then so many hopped on the “disability” train thereby draining Social Security even more –, and technology has dumbed us down so much that even having to search or research beyond Google is a mental hardship.

    As a nation we are becoming lazy, uncurious, unhealthy. We are chubby little birds in the nest waiting for Mama to come feed us. God help us if we fall out of the nest, be asked to fly or something happens to Mama.

    Sure, there are pockets and exceptions as always. But over all, it is a sad sad decline of the American people.

    What is happening to us is so classically Marxist/Leninist.