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Examiner: Jared Kushner Worth at Least $430 Million

Imagine, he’s a supremely successful young entrepreneur, and he’ll probably get grief from the MSM for having so much money. Not clear to me how much of the money is related to what he has earned and what part is related to Ivanka Trump.

From the Washington Examiner:

White House officials released dozens of financial disclosure forms Friday evening, revealing the past business ties and millions of dollars in assets of some of the highest-ranking aides in the West Wing.

Jared Kushner resigned from 267 positions in various groups, including dozens of real estate groups, in order to join the White House as Trump’s senior adviser, according to disclosure forms released Friday night.

Kushner has more than $50 million in assets under the Ivanka M. Trump Business Trust, and more than $380 million more in other companies and funds.

8 Responses to Examiner: Jared Kushner Worth at Least $430 Million

  1. The Millionaire Democrats will scream and screech about any Trump Admin. who made over $100K. Guaranteed.

    Now they will also probably call for an investigation as well since that seems to be the 2917 Response of the Left. Mindless Morons.

    • I’m amazed at the number of successful businessmen who have been willing to set aside all their achievements to serve our country — especially since they knew the amount of grief that being a part of the Trump administration would involve.

  2. Good. Thats what we need. A man without his hand out, willing to forego fortune to help our country. Unlike the vast majority of DC wannabes that use their status for personal gain.