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Trump Brutal with Freedom Caucus, Suggests They Should Lose Seats

President Trump is taking a stunningly harsh tone with the conservative House Freedom Caucus, calling Thursday for their defeat in the midterm election if they don’t get on board with the Republican agenda, the Washington Examiner reported.

“The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!” Trump tweeted Thursday morning.

It’s the third time in less than a week that Trump has attacked the group on Twitter, creating the extraordinary spectacle of a sitting president eviscerating members of his own party and even suggesting they should be removed from office.

Trump, who is popular in Freedom Caucus districts, may have some ability to generate messy primary challenges against caucus members.

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14 Responses to Trump Brutal with Freedom Caucus, Suggests They Should Lose Seats

    • We, US Citizens, need to lite a fire under the enter US Congress (House & Senate)…all 535 idiots, morons, criminals & scumbags (R & D) need to burn :-)

  1. I am disturbed by Trump’s attacks on the Freedom Caucus.

    I never thought Trump a conservative. But I did not expect him to back the GOPe.

    Guess I got taken in.

    I am also disturbed by the foot dragging on replacing Obama embeds.

    But mostly, the Freedom Caucus.

  2. Not a smart move. Many in the Freedom Caucus were put there as part of the Tea Party movement and the last mid-term elections and still hold a great deal of clout among conservatives. He should be finding a way to work with them rather than against them or he will be the one floundering more and more. He should be directing his ire at the RINO’s that are side-lining the party.

  3. The Republicans need to get it together. Dems are insane and they need to deal with that.

    Infighting in public is a bad thing. Makes the GOP seem incompetent and maybe they are!!

  4. I would have preferred a private, in-house, smart strategy of persuasion and, yes, compromise or agreed settlement of differences if possible, rather than Trump’s public chewing out of the Freedom Caucus. Public infighting is never a good thing in these political matters. Trump’s approach will only harden the Freedom Caucus’s public stance, and give fuel to the Anti-Trumpers, the corporate media, the RINO’s and the mad dog Democrats. Don’t need that. Gotta be a better way to work with the Freedom Caucus.

  5. Terrible move by Trump. He needs ALL republicans on his side, and this is the wrong way to achieve it. If there’s a problem, solve it behind closed doors… make a deal! Public brawling is not in the art of the deal, but his blinkered supporters will no doubt insist yet again that Trump is playing 4D chess. He’s achieved a lot in two months, but I think he’s playing tiddlywinks right now… and he’s losing.