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Chris Christie to lead Trump opioid commission

President Trump will launch a commission on Wednesday aimed at combating the nation’s burgeoning opioid epidemic and ensuring federal resources are being used appropriately to address the problem, a White House official told the Washington Examiner.

The announcement comes the same day that Trump, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and others are set to participate in a White House listening session on opioid and drug abuse.

Christie, whose final term expires next January, is expected to head the commission. Several members of Trump’s Cabinet, including Veteran Affairs Secretary David Shulkin, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, are likely to be involved in some capacity.

5 Responses to Chris Christie to lead Trump opioid commission

  1. Why oh why do the Feds have to get involved?
    The illegal drugs are sold on the street, not at Walgreen’s pharmacy.
    This is a local street problem, not a federal one.

    • I know a lady who moved from Ecuador to Uruguay. I began to read about Uruguay. They passed a law which allows citizens to grow their own marijuana for personal use. The idea is to cut the drug dealers out.

  2. This is crazy. There was abuse of prescription medicine and unethical and corrupt doctors. The government has gotten so involved in it — and Pam Bondi is a Crusader — that those with a legitimate need for pain medication have to jump those amazing hoops and are denied or under prescribed.

    Just one more Government boondoggle that will live on forever.

    A waste of the legal talent of both Christie and Bondi — but a nice showcase for Bondi who I used to support but now she has made it her platform and it is tiresome and not helpful.

    Srdem65 is right — it’s a street problem. And giving Christie a job will not solve the problem.