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Trump to Gut Centerpiece of Obama Climate Change Agenda

This keeps Trump promise to the coal miners who helped him win the election. And it helps reverse Obama’s radical environmental agenda that was raising energy prices on poor and middle class Americans. 

President Trump will sign an executive order Tuesday to roll back the centerpiece of the Obama administration’s climate change agenda, the Clean Power Plan, and cancel what Trump says are unnecessary rules on coal, oil and natural gas production that are harming economic growth, the Washington Examiner reported.

The executive order is seen as central in meeting the president’s campaign promises to help coal country rebound from the tens of thousands of job losses that the industry blames, in part, on restrictive environmental regulations.

A senior administration official told reporters on a call Monday that the order has the “twin goals” of both moving forward while also looking backward.

It “looks forward” by setting the stage for the “beginning strategy” in devising an energy policy framework for the nation, said the senior official. And it looks backward by eliminating regulations from the previous administration that hinder growth and energy production.

It will call on all agencies to conduct a comprehensive review of all rules to determine those that inhibit energy production, and report back to the White House in 180 days.

11 thoughts on “Trump to Gut Centerpiece of Obama Climate Change Agenda”

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  2. I’ve posted information about the Global Warming Petition Project before, but here it is again, since we are on the topic of man-made “global warming”:

    “31,487 American scientists have signed this petition (declaring the man-made global warming is a complete fraud), including 9,029 with PhDs”

    Just to keep this issue in prospective. We’re still waiting for the propagandists in our corporate media to report on this. They never will.

    1. Indeed global warming had to be change to climate change. Why? Because it is not happening!

      Obama currently hiding in Tahiti, no extradition island. Why?

      1. Somewhere, fairly recently, I read an article written by an anthropologist, of all things, about the cult of “man-made global warming”. Her thesis was that these “man-made global warming” cultists were “earth-worshippers”, as opposed to “sky-worshippers, who are followers of traditional Christianity, Judaism, and Islam belief systems whence God is spirit/God/Allah and is “up there”, so to speak. It’s an awkward construct, but you get the idea. So the theology (if you want to call it that) of earth-worshippers is that, in some way, we have angered Goddess Mother Earth (who lives “in the Earth or is Earth, Gaia and all that.) by burning and otherwise wasted “her” resources (oil and natural gas, minerals, etc.) and now “she”, Mother Earth, is really, really ticked off at humans. So she’s punishing us all by screwing up weather patterns and making us all suffer for our sins. So now we have to stop making Mother Earth angry and cut back on using fossil fuels, etc. and we’ll enjoy good weather once again. Mother Earth will be pleased with us.

        How’s all that for crazy thinking?

        Anyway, here’s a little article that gets into that stuff.

        1. The (man made) climate change fantasy IS the religion of atheists. I have believed that since Al Gore manipulated the dimwits, fruitcakes, and cultists during his run for office.

  3. Oh noes! We’re going to burn up! The air will be polluted with horrible stuff!
    Zombies will roam the cities! Our water will turn green!
    Good. MAGA.

  4. What is the perfect temperature of the Earth, leftists?

    When did it happen?

    Until you can answer those two questions, I’ll ignore your climate change hysteria.

    It’s been happening for 4.6 billion years. Deal with it.

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