As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

28 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || march 26, 2017

  1. The attempt to rid America of the horrors of Obamacare has failed. PresTrump is scorned, ridiculed as a loser, the MSM is doing their Snoopy happy-dance, and the Dems are smugly enjoying every second of this.
    On the other side, Americans caught up in the disaster of Obamacare are once again ignored by those who don’t have to live with health insurance that doesn’t do what was promised.
    While DC elites and the MSM enjoy their little victory over MrTrump, the little people out here in fly-over country are ignored and forgotten.

    • Oh, now she’s a friend? Ha! The sneer is poorly disguised in her whole opinion, and don’t they just love that at the NYT.
      No one at the NYT or other publications/media understand that it’s not about Donald J. Trump, it never was about him – it’s about us, all of us.
      They slap the President, but we’re the ones who feel the pain.

      • Oh, I don’t buy that she’s a friend at all and as I said, they hyperbole is rightfully there, but along the lines of Marcus comment below,it does look like he was too willing to believe Ryan but he won’t make that same mistake again.

    • I agree that Trump will not get played again by the likes of Ryan and company. It appeared he was willing to believe Ryan, support him, back him up over this catastrophic healthcare bill. In the end, it all blew up. Trump won’t make that mistake again.

      • There’s another argument out there that Trump did this to embarrass Ryan and as “pay back”.

        I don’t care. Now not only did the Republicans not fix Obamacare after 6 years, it didn’t get fixed now. Politics got played out. Period. End of Story.

        Trump and Congress and the Dems — all happy now? Politics — same old, same old.

        • Yep. Same old same old. That’s the way these political creatures wanted it, and they got it. For now. As others here have said eloquently, the citizenry is left holding the steaming bag of muck, and the political elites in Washington are content with having given themselves points in the healthcare game they are playing with us. And the corporate media supports the political elites. Everyone can see it. That’s why they are so despised.

    • Here is an interesting article by Scott Adams (Dilbert) about a parallel running with Obamacare.

      It is that Trump moves from dangerous Hitler to “incompetent”. It’s interesting.

      That said, the real issue is not Trump, or the whys and wherefors of Congress etc. The real issue is as srdem65 said : the little people. And I think it is to ask us to wait until it explodes/collapses.

      BTW did not read MDowd. But if she appears to be DJT’s friend, she does this a lot. It’s just a tool she uses.

      • Which is why I do not understand why Trump didn’t push for full repeal with replacement hearings right after tax reform and infrastructure.
        Would have let people know that help was on the way and put pressure on both parties to fix the thing once and for all.

        • My thinking as well.

          I have read most of the positions about why he did this. None satisfactory.

          Clearly he made a mistake. And we all know he doesn’t admit to mistakes. So, he’s dropping it and going forward. Compounding the mistake, in my view.

        • And I do not understand this. I also agree with the commenter.

          Trump really needs to stop shitting on the conservatives. Shouldn’t he be dancing with the one that brought him.

          His last tweet 5 minutes ago..

          Democrats are smiling in D.C. that the Freedom Caucus, with the help of Club For Growth and Heritage, have saved Planned Parenthood & Ocare!

  2. Trump is a smart man. He may have lost the battle, but he took the measure of everyone in this war — he’ll know much better what to do next time.

    As for Ryan, I have always thought him slippery and untrustworthy, but I’ll not pin his all on him — this time.

    • And unfortunately for Trump it also gave Trump supporters an opportunity to take the measure of the man.

      Doesn’t alter my support. Just makes me more alert. He campaigned on this. One loss and he is relegating it to the Let’s see what happens bin and moving on.

      Waiting for Obamacare to collapse on its own could be a very long, and painful wait.

  3. Just as we read about more and more illegals and criminal acts,expect to see more of this from “in place” Muslims.

    My question is what was the Juniper Park School expecting with from this Principal. Incident reported by commenter on AOS.
    “A Queens public high-school principal excluded 500 Catholic-school kids from a list of 4,000 students applying to get into his school, raising cries from furious parents of foul play….

    Principal Khurshid Abdul-Mutakabbir told parents at a Juniper Park Civic Association meeting on March 16 he made a “clerical error” in omitting all Catholic-school kids from the list.”

  4. The Dem’s are gloating that they have a victory.
    It’s a Pyrrhic victory.
    ObamaCare will collapse, it will take time and it probably will hurt, but the Dem’s own it 100%.
    I’m cutting the President some slack.
    He’s only been in office a little over two months and has had NO support from anywhere,
    Media, whacko leftist and even within his own Party.
    We are his only support.
    Look at what he’s accomplished so far.
    Multiple companies investing billions of dollars in the US creating, eventually 10’s of thousands jobs.
    Keystone and Dakota pipelines open for business.
    Dakota is already pushing oil.
    People are at work that weren’t 2 months ago.

    • We are his only support.

      I am not sure he recognizes that. In another thread here I posted a tweet Trump sent out the next day basically saying the Freedom Caucus and the Democrats were responsible for Obamacare and (I forgot the and). But basically he lumped those who voted against the bill with the Democrats. I don’t call that recognizing your support.

      That is what I absolutely do not get about this whole thing. How Trump went totally in with the GOPe to the point of bad mouthing those who voted against this bill and their supporters.

      I am sorry to keep I harping on this, but unless I see a turnaround on this from Trump I am taking my seat in the corner and see what this indicates about his future relations with the Republican “factions”.

      On this Trump is beginning to look ” too clever by half.”

      • “We are his only support.” –If the election took place again today, Trump would win again. He has a lot of support. Just very little from the morons that have some sort of podium. I hope that changes, at least a little.

  5. This is NOT full stop on eliminating Obamacare.
    Rand Paul and others in congress have alternative solutions and are not backing down on them.
    Give it time.

    My main question is with Pence at his side, why was he blindsided on this?

    Pence should know the ropes.

    • Pence does no the ropes. (imho) Only thing I can think of is they didn’t anticipate the full repeal movement would be so strong.
      I know others disagree, but personally I’m glad the bill went down. ONLY for the reason that I truly believe after being in healthcare for half my life this bill MUST be removed from the books in it’s entirety, just like prohibition and then come back with common sense reforms that will actually work.

      • I’m with you, Geoff, on the bill going down…but after voting against Obamacare the past four elections, the whole process is disappointing and discouraging…how could the Republicans be so ill-prepared?? I’ve had it with them, and not reassured by Trump’s “Don’t worry” approach. It may work out in the long run, but that’s not what we’ve been voting for all these years.

        As far as I’m concerned, they’re all to blame, and those of us paying through the nose for our health insurance have been forgotten…again.

    • I don’t think Pence was blindsided. Most likely they thought they could pull it off. Or perhaps as Geoff says they underestimated the strength of the full appeal support.

      It will be interesting to see how Trump responds to Rand Paul et al. I am no big Rand Paul fan but on this I am with him.