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Trump: Don’t Worry, Obamacare Will “Explode”

This is the new strategy. Let Obamacare get so bad that even Democrats will want to help replace it. Of course, the administration will help its decline through executive action. The idea is that if things are so bad, moderate Republicans will have political cover to support the replacement bill. 

President Trump said Obamacare will die of its own accord, one day after the American Health Care Act was pulled from the House floor when it became all but certain it didn’t have the votes to pass,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“ObamaCare will explode and we will all get together and piece together a great healthcare plan for THE PEOPLE. Do not worry!” Trump said in a tweet.

25 Responses to Trump: Don’t Worry, Obamacare Will “Explode”

  1. There’s a difference in meaning here.

    When “Don’t worry” is used as a clause, that tends to be construed as “It’s okay to worry, just don’t freak out on me.”

    For instance:
    Don’t worry, with all the cemeteries in Philadelphia, there’s no way Hillary will lose Pennsylvania.

    Or maybe:
    Don’t worry, it’s the Cubs, who haven’t won the pennant since the year we dropped the bomb on Japan.

    Or even:
    Don’t worry, the Habs are the 8 seed for a reason, so the Capitals will eventually get the puck past Jaroslav Halak.

    Constructed examples all, to be sure, but the reader will get the point.

    Trump’s “Do not worry!” is a standalone imperative as conclusion, not some null-value bromide of a preamble. It’s not hollow arm around the shoulder sympathy; it’s “We have not yet begun to fight.”

    • I agree DA.
      Just look at all that’s being exposed as far as the swamp that exists in DC.

      Government needs to get completely out of healthcare except for regulating the insurance companies.
      After that, let the marketplace do it’s thing.

      • Am I remembering correctly that when the AHC legislation began, it was for the 12-14 million people not covered by private ins.,employer ins., VA, medicaid or medicare?

  2. During the early debates, I saw Trump watching carefully what was going on and I realized he was LEARNING about politics in the middle of doing it on a national stage.

    This man is smart. He has now taken the measure of people in House and Senate. He understands Ryan. From now on we’ll see Trump using this knowledge and I predict he will win a lot.

    When Obamacare explodes, the Dems will still own it.

  3. I never understood why they attempted to ‘fix’ it in the first place.

    Either repeal it or let it die. Why take the fall for the POS the Democrats gave us in the first place?

    Let THEM own the mess.

    • This is how I think about the disaster in the Republican healthcare bill. It was as though the Republicans had inherited a broken down mansion, falling apart, full of rats and mice, ceilings falling down, walls collapsing, foundation falling in on itself, unsafe in every way, etc.

      And then the Republicans realized they had a choice: to tear the old, unsafe mansion down and rebuild from scratch, or to “fix it up” to make it habitable. Maybe a new roof or new stairs. Yea, that should do it.
      However, the best architects and carpenters told them the mansion was unfixable. It was a complete disaster. It could never be made to pass the building code because there was too much wrong with it.

      Another group of “experts” told the Republicans the mansion was fixable. They didn’t know HOW it was to be made fixable, but they (with no experience in building or reconditioning old mansions) assured them that, with a tweak, or two, the mansion would be a great building and everybody would be scrambling to see what it looked like inside when the fixing up was completed.

      Well, the Republicans didn’t listen to the experienced architects and carpenters, did they? They thought a tweak or two would do the trick.

      So, they made the completely wrong decision, and now they are pulling the splinters out of their hands and out of other sensitive body parts, aren’t they?

  4. Obama and the Democrats are responsible for Obamacare, however that is defined.

    The Republican Congress bemoaned that for 8 years. And then they beclowned themselves with the Ryan Bill. And Trump showed very poor judgment with his supportive role in this.

    I support Donald Trump. But he is not handling this well.

    If I had Obamacare with a family of 4, huge monthly premiums and a deductible at least $5,000 I would not be impressed or amused or reassured by the President’s suggestion “Don’t worry…..”

    These people have suffered, healthwise and financially for 6 long years, expecting the Republicans to come out of the gate with a way forward for relief. And then they expected it from Donald Trump. They didn’t get it.

    They are told to hang on and wait for something to explode. Some time, some where, in the future. Probably doesn’t fly with them and it sure doesn’t with me.

    There are people in this country hurting.

    • Yup, there are several hundred reasons a month ($$$$$) why I’m not on board with the “Don’t worry…” approach. For me, Obamacare has already imploded/exploded/blown up in my face, as I’m paying triple my monthly premium compared to just a few short years ago.

      Tired of it all and am ready to just dump my policy.

    • I guess, because they never wanted to do anything, and… they never expected anyone but the Hilderbeast to win the last election – if Jeb! had won, nothing would have changed either. No, all they care about is keeping their useless hides riding on the gravy-train that is big government.

      • That is why We, Citizens, need to THROW OUT all 535 of these Idiots, Liars, Criminals & Scumbags (Dem & Rep) of this useless US Congress.

        • The only way out of this conspiracy against Trump by the Democrat communists and the Republicans is an all-out civil war REVOLUTION. They will never stop this madness unless forced and put into jail for lieing and fabricating about Trump under oath and not under oath and feeding the press 24/7 with this conspiracy against him. 64 million peple voted for Trump and people running the government could care less about that. Domocrats lost everything and this is all they have, viscious slanderous lies and garbage to ruin our country. Both parties and the FBI, NSA are guilty of treason and lieing under oath and not under oath They gave classifeid material to the press and revealed names of Trump team. They have no respect for the Presidency or the country, James Comey, NSA horror, Nancy Pelosi, Shumer, who is an all out liar and hateful moron and many others, communists like the Clintons, etc. The list goes on and on, nothing but treason by many people in government, Susan Rice is another. Our country has to be taken back and/or there will be terror attacks all the time if we let in all these dirty terrorists coming into our country. America will become like the middle east where their way of life is murder and mayhem. If the democratrs want that, they should be locked up and overthrown immediatrely and the only way is through a revolution, they will never stop.

        • Or, Plan B: uncap the number of Representatives, and repeal the 17th Amendment.

          435 dinosaurs would be powerless in a House of thousands.

          And by making Senators the voices of the States–instead of the voices of the population centers–you would decentralize the Senate.