As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Saturday Open Thread || March 25, 2017



10 Responses to Saturday Open Thread || March 25, 2017

  1. What is so hard for Congress to understand;
    we don’t want them to regulate our HEALTH CARE. They can regulate health insurance companies, but not our health care.

    Some deep thinkers are supposing that this is all a ploy to force CongRyan to resign and then elect a more Trump-friendly leader. Maybe.
    If so, or if there is some other reason for this debacle, the only ones suffering are the people who must deal with the Obamacare mess every day.

  2. Watching a short recap of the terrorist attack in London:
    Wow, the English ‘bobby’ might go around unarmed, but their special police/swat/whatevers are armed to the nines. The policeman/guard who was killed was unarmed and useless to protect anyone, so what’s their point of having someone at the lookout.
    England is preparing for all out city warfare.

    • England survived the blitz.
      Once they realize and accept who the enemy really is and that there can be no compromise, they’ll do ok….I pray.

      • I pray we do the same, the idiot Nancy Pelosi, and the other idiots, Shumer, etc., etc., will never accept who the enemy is, so they must be removed through a Revolution, they will never, pelosi, shumer, and all the other communists are protected, WE ARE NOT!! dUMB AS DIRT ARE THEY. Also, guess who the ENEMY WITHIN IS! THE ONE AND ONLY BARACK OBAMA, workign everyday against our new President, guilty of treason and more! When will the people rise up and demand Obama and the Clintons should be put on trial and locked up for 10 or more years for what monies they stole and laws they have broken against the American people, of course, including Trump in their merry trail of blood on their hands.