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Trump Approves the Keystone Pipeline

Finally, a president who cares more about workers and the economy than appeasing overwrought environmentalists. There was never any reason not to approve this. The oil was going to get shipped one way or another, and the negative effects of the pipeline were minimal. The White House even laughably tried to suggest that it was deferring to Nebraska’s Republican governor, as if they gave a whit about the states and weren’t trying to overrule localities on every other issue. 

After years of stalling under President Obama, President Trump on Friday approved the Keystone XL pipeline, and the company looking to build the massive pipeline project has received its permit to finish it, the Washington Examiner reported.

TransCanada announced Friday morning the State Department issued a permit to build the 1,187-mile pipeline stretching from Alberta, Canada to oil refineries in the Gulf Coast region of the U.S. The project had previously been stopped by President Obama in November 2015, but Trump ordered it reviewed once again during his first month in office.

Obama’s decision to kill the pipeline in November 2015 after more than seven years of consideration was widely seen by oil industry figures as a political decision. The decision came just weeks before the Paris Agreement on climate change, the world’s first climate change agreement, was signed.

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4 Responses to Trump Approves the Keystone Pipeline

  1. This is good news and will put many people back to work.

    The decision to kill the pipeline by the last administration may have also been influenced by railroad magnate(s).

  2. Oil rich Venezuela is undergoing gasoline shortages, one of the benefits of a socialist government.
    Obama stalled the pipeline for approximately 8 years.
    President Trump gets it rolling in about 80’days.
    Jobs and energy independence in one package.
    While the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, aka, msm, will report on the AHCA not passing, Charter Communication announced that it will invest $50 billion in the US creating 20,000 jobs over a 4 year period.
    Jobs my fellow Americans with a $50 billion investment.
    Anybody tired of winning.