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GOP Blame Game Begins After Obamacare Replacement Fail

The Republicans will suffer for this. They promised something, and they didn’t deliver. Conservatives will stay home in 2018, thinking that it doesn’t matter much who is in power. 

House Republicans trained their fire on each other after Friday’s failure to pass an Obamacare repeal bill, which had to be pulled amid a divided GOP that couldn’t come together on a unified plan to start dismantling the law.

Some GOP members believed that demands from the conservative House Freedom Caucus, which included adding insurance regulations that may not have gotten through the Senate, were the reason for the failure. But others blamed the GOP leadership for failing to get the bill across the finish line.

“The Freedom Caucus won. They got Obamacare forever,” said Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, after leaving the conference meeting where House Speaker Paul Ryan announced he didn’t have the votes to pass the bill.

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  1. Well, that’s gratitude for ya.

    Mike, what the Freedom Caucus won, was a mercy-killing of an awful bill that would likely have cost the GOP the House in 2018, and the health care issue for perhaps a generation. They might well have just staved off single-payer, and they probably just saved your bacon in the midterms.

    YOU’RE WELCOME. (You idiot.)

    • It’s a long, LONG way to the mid-terms.

      Perspective: at this point in 2015, Donald Trump was still more than two months away from officially declaring his candidacy.

    • I won’t be staying home in 2018, either…but I’m really ticked off they messed this up. All these years promising they would be ready with a plan “on day one” of a Republican presidency, and they still couldn’t get it right. Idiots.

      • The republicans never seem to disappoint…somehow, Obama managed to get pretty much everything he wanted from breaking the law and not submitting a budget, omnibus, and even the idiot “Dims” put together a health care plan. But no, we have to eat our own, take care of our corporate donors, don’t forget the COC interests…pathetic. We will end up with crap…same song, different verse.

  2. This was an embarrassment to conservative cause.

    It is hard to believe that they could not understand the procedure that was being taken. Now the mercy killing will be the next few elections.

    It was quite clear what the process was. But special interests lost site of that.

    • I see it more as an embarrassment to Ryan and the GOPe and a victory for the Conservatives, if we are talking within the Party.

      It was a terrible bill. A little embarrassment is not much considering the problems that would have resulted.

      That said, the Republicans had 6/8 years and they couldn’t get it together. That’s beyond embarrassing.

  3. As we say down in the sewer; “Here’s mud in your eye!”

    Norton (Art Carney)

    Once again the COOC”s in Washington lived up to their highest standard. Which is now hovering right at curb level. One notch above gutter. Oh! I failed to explain the acronym. COOC is short for “Clowns out of Costume” The “Demolib” party went on coffee break, sat back an watched their opposition party the “Republicons” disintegrate in the locker room. The Republicons team mascot an elephant came out during pregame warmups to trump-et from somewhere near the exit. Republicons as a team, wear jerseys with their individual names stitched on the back refused to initiate the coaches game plan because of their dislike for the General Manager change at the last election. Acting more like rats in a house fire, they each grabbed the closest microphone for false survival. Meanwhile the Demolibs laughed to see such folly. The General Manager of the Elephants was seen jaw-dropping in disbelief. Meanwhile the game the COOC’s play continues to rank in the tank according to latest Bob Smith viewer ranking ratings..

  4. I tweeted out last night along the lines of:

    Look folks. The Freedom Caucus did nothing today that the Founding Fathers did not intend for them to do from the very beginning.

    IMHO this is 80 percent on Ryan and 20 percent on Trump for letting him do it and then trying to force it.

    In the Globe column tomorrow,I use clips from my March 2010 column when Obamacare first passed to highlight what was not done and the warnings for both parties. 7 years later not a word was heeded and here we are.

    Just like prohibition, there is only one appropriate end for the ACA. Full and unfettered repeal. Trying to “replace” in three parts does nothing but make things worse. Started in healthcare in ’79 and been around the industry ever since. Ryancare was a mess and deserved to go down.

    But I do believe there was another reason it went down. No trust. After Boehner and McConnell crap for years, and then Ryan pushing out his “all or nothing” bill, there were just enough Republicans to say “enough”. We don’t believe your phase two and phase three. The insurance companies’ fingerprints were already smudging up phase one, why should anyone expect the future to be any better?

    Think about it. They’d been passing full repeal bills for 6 years, yet now when they actually had the power, they wouldn’t do it?

    Obamacare will continue to fail and there will be a full repeal with support for those hurt the most in the interim.

    BUT what scares me now is Trump seems to be pivoting to tax reform, another hornet’s nest. He should instead be doing infrastructure to create jobs and get the blue collar back to work, THEN the tax reform for the remainder. IMHO of course.

    • IMO Geoff, I think Trump should do tax reform before infrastructure.
      There are a lot of companies that will be doing the work that need the tax reform for hiring purposes.

      • Don’t completely disagree with your thinking. I’m just looking at Ryan and his frigging Border Adjustment Tax and see him digging in on it as he did his crap healthcare bill. Senate doesn’t want the thing but he keeps pushing it. WTH is he really up to?
        IMO it’s Ryan, not the Freedom Caucus that’s the real problem.

        • Reason: Paul Ryan is bought an paid for by billionaire globalist George Soros. This is a matter of public record– look it up. Same goes for Pelosi, Schumer, McConnel, Graham, and McCain. These people are all supporting the globalist agenda. The Trump administration has declared George Soros to be an enemy of the state– the news should be all over this– but they are owned by the globalists too. This is a WAR for the future of our nation– and we are ALL fighting in it whether we like it or not.