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Eight Senate Republicans Could Oppose GOP Healthcare Bill

This will be a heavy lift for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. But he and President Trump will lift it. Watch and see. As I’ve said, it’s must-pass legislation for Trump, and it will pass. I’ve seen this movie many times.

The national spotlight is trained on House Republicans’ furious efforts to pass a healthcare bill this week, but the measure faces an even more difficult path in the Senate, where just three GOP senators could sink it,” the Washington Examiner reported.

As it stands, there are eight senators who have expressed serious reservations about the revised House bill aimed at repealing and replacing Obamacare – more than enough to torpedo its passage in the closely divided, 52-48 GOP majority Senate.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said the Senate is plowing ahead with a vote on the measure next week if it passes, as planned, in the House by Friday.

“We are not slowing down,” McConnell told reporters after a closed-door meeting with the Senate GOP Tuesday. “We are going forward.”

26 thoughts on “Eight Senate Republicans Could Oppose GOP Healthcare Bill”

  1. Keith,
    You know I respect you greatly and always wish the best for you and yours. BUT, on this particular issue I hope you’re wrong.

    Wrong at least in the idea that without major changes to the House “repeal” bill it somehow makes it to Trump’s desk for signature.

    I want this President to succeed but not this way. Not with a short term, “Check the box” vote on legislation that even after all the disaster of Obamacare STILL does nothing to lower the cost curve and actually improve access to CARE.

    The House Freedom Caucus and Paul and others in the Senate are exactly right on this one. FULL repeal and start over from scratch. It’s the only way to force Democrats to the table. They will either work with Republicans in open and transparent hearings and America wins, or they will obstruct and go down in flames in 2018.

    Passing the Ryan bill as it is now only sets the Republicans up for failure in ’18.

    IMHO of course.

      1. Do your members (aka; ‘criminals’) of Congress even read your emails?
        I email my criminal members of Congress and my emails go into the spam folder

        1. No, they don’t. My daughter was an unpaid Senate staffer and said they were never read.

          I have to do something, however.

      1. Agree. Never thought you were promoting the bill for a minute. Just that in this case, hope you’re wrong about Ryan and Trump being able to pull the two ton rotting carcass across the finish line.

        1. Not me! I hope that Trump will veto this piece of globalist garbage, and then they can start over with what the people that voted Trump into office ACTUALLY want:

          100% repeal of Obamacare.

          Ability to buy insurance across state lines.

          Ability to buy pharmaceuticals from Canada and Mexico (through the Internet).

          Ability to use pre-tax Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) for all insurance costs; with the HSA balances rolling over to the next year.

          Ability to use alternative insurance methods such as Christian Health Shares (etc.)

          Ability for patients to “shop around” for the bast price for services; which requires that health care providers break out cost estimates for different services.

          BTW– Anyone that does NOT “play ball” with this agenda will be voted out of office on their next cycle.

    1. Agree. Ryan and McConnell need this. They have sat on their hands all these years. This bill is a disservice to Trump who made a promise. Plus when it passes will retreat to their to their Never Trump fortress and throw obstacles in Trump’s effforts to continue his agenda and promises

      The Conservatives fought but they will need more

      The GOPe leadership and followers are the true opposition party

  2. I do not want Trump to own a bad bill. Lets not have “trumpcare” become a point for the bad guys to take him down!

    1. DVE, I agree, but you’ve got to admit the Republicans have had seven effing years to come up with an alternative and all they’ve got is THIS?

      1. Their excuses never end…after winning the House, they said they couldn’t do anything until they took the Senate…after taking the Senate, they said they couldn’t do anything until they got the White House back…now that they have the White House, they say they don’t have enough of a majority in the Senate to do what they want.

        As a self-employed person paying through the nose for my health insurance (and supplementing others!), it’s beyond frustrating.

  3. If the bill does not include the ability to buy insurance across state lines; AND the ability to use Christian health share services in the place of buying ordinary insurance, then I don’t want it. FIX IT FIRST PLEASE.

    1. I don’t buy the BS about “we have to pass it in three phases crap”.
      Something smells fishy to me about that.
      All that’s going to do is stretch out the time it takes to finally finish this mess.
      Watch them run this out to just before the mid-term elections so they can claim that they passed a health care bill, and then say re-elect me and I’ll fix the taxes.

      They think we’re idiots.

    2. Yep, I agree .
      Let the people choose, not the government, where they want to buy on the market place.
      Isn’t that competition?
      The same product, or maybe enhanced at a fair or better price than the competition.
      Let the buyer decide.

  4. First and foremost, carve out the Medicaid repeal.

    Fully repeal it effective 6 months from now. That gives every state that currently implemented the expansion 6 months to pass an equivalent bill and fund it with their own constituents taxes.

    If anyone loses coverage from this category, it will be the States fault for giving them the coverage in the first place without actually believing in it.

    The rest of repeal efforts can follow.

  5. Step Two:

    Repeal all of Obamacare effective immediately, while simultaneously passing a bill that says if you are one of the 14M non-Medicaid Obamacare currently covered people, that you keep your coverage as long as you pay. Keep the subsidies as they are…these 14M people are grandfathered.

    Then, no one can complain that anyone lost coverage due to the repeal. Those 14M will dissipate with attrition over time…maybe a long time, but Obama will own that cost and Republicans win.

  6. The problem the Republicans have created for themselves is like the person who is trying to repair a broken bicycle while they are riding it. They’re getting all tangled up in the spokes AND not getting the bike fixed.

    They had years to come up with a detailed solution to ObamaCare, test it in a few locations, debug it, gain support for it in the Congress and sell it to the American people. Well, they didn’t do that, did they?.

    Now they’re scrambling around like the Keystone cops shooting blanks in the air, losing their hats and bumping into each other because their pants have dropped down by their ankles.

    This is just pathetic.

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