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Ryan May Gut Obamacare regulations to Gain Conservative Votes

Looks like Ryan feels he needs to do more to get conservatives. They’re holding out and it appears to be a smart strategy.

In a last-minute bid to woo conservatives ahead of a high-stakes vote on Thursday on repealing and replacing Obamacare, House leaders are considering gutting more Obamacare regulations.

The news comes as President Trump and White House officials are in talks with House conservatives over changes that can win over holdouts and secure enough votes to move the bill to the Senate.

Among the many arguments conservatives have made against the House healthcare bill, one of the most significant is that it leaves too many costly regulations in place and thus fails to address long-standing criticisms of Obamacare — that it limits choices and drives premiums higher than they otherwise would be.

Previously, House leaders have argued that the regulations could not be nixed because doing so would blow up the bill in the Senate, where Republicans will have to pass the measure under restrictive rules to enable it to clear with a simple majority.

But a House leadership aide told the Washington Examiner on Wednesday that Republicans received new information from the Senate, indicating that axing the regulations wouldn’t automatically doom the bill from being considered on an expedited basis.

14 thoughts on “Ryan May Gut Obamacare regulations to Gain Conservative Votes”

  1. Repeal the entire thing.
    Am out of patience and tolerance with a Congress and Senate that do not have the ability or desire to abide by the oaths of office they took and the country they represent.

  2. Why the hell are they in such a hurry?

    Anything with Ryan at the helm has to be bad

    This is the same stunt they pulled with obamacare

    i am disappointed in trump, keeping campaign promises is one thing but a bad bill is a bad bill

  3. we were bound to be disappointed in some things about trump

    but healthcare is too important

    these people are all selfish fools who don’t realize they are toying with people’s money and lives

    i have a 6k deductible and pay over 500 a month, what does this bill do for me?

    nothing I suppose

    is there any place one can go to get the straight facts on this bill?

    same question I asked aboutocare

    how ironic, not

    1. I know the bill has been published when it came out of the gate. I don’t have a link. But it is fluid now and the changes most likely are not readily available.

  4. Everyone and his brother ran on appealing ObamaCare. It has been a topic of conversation for the last 7 years.
    Now all of a sudden they cannot bring themselves to do it?
    Either they have amnesia or they are in the business of conning Americans.
    I vote for #2.

  5. I just heard on the radio (7:20 cdt) that the vote is now going to be put off till next week?
    If true that is good news, that it’s only a delay for Ryan to still cram down Ocare2.0 is the bad news.
    Vote full repeal tomorrow with a two year sunset clause and start open, transparent hearings on replacement AFTER infrastructure and tax reform done.

    1. If true, good news. The Freedom Caucus and friends are pushing more than in the past which is good.

      The Republicans failed during the last 8 years. We thought they were working on it, instead of doing the usual CongressCritter kabuki.

      The longer this is delayed the better. Time to hit the phones and computer with Congress.

      Speak up. Paul Ryan’s hold must be weakened.

  6. The R’s should have had their own health care plan–detailed, tested, vetted, and ready to go– in the saddle and ready to ride on Day One of Trump’s Presidency. They’ve had years to design such a plan and truckloads of complaints from American citizens on what they expected from a healthcare plan.
    But, no. They had nothing. They’re like high school kids who wait until the very last minute to do their homework, and then complain that they don’t have enough time to complete the homework.

    An anti-ObamaCare, intelligent, affordable, widely supported alternative was their homework all these years. And now they get an F- for not turning in their homework.

    In the private, non-government world where real people are expected to do real work, they would have been fired. Told to clean out their desks and be escorted out of the building.

    At any rate, because whatever the R’s come up with, it will still be largely a “government” health care plan rather than a market-driven, consumer oriented plan. There will be some kind of hack healthcare “coverage”, but precious little actual health care delivery in the details.

    1. Spot on Marcus. I have a few readers I send out a “Thursday tease” to with snip from the print column coming Sunday.
      I think you and the rest of the WHD denizens we have here will agree with this one:
      “Beyond the hyperbole, behind the political posturing is one simple truth: The Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare is the single worst piece of legislation to come out of the United States Congress since the temperance movement hijacked it and shoved out the 18th Amendment.

      And just like the Prohibition fiasco of the 20th century, there is only one way to correct this most dreadful mistake of the 21st: full and unfettered repeal.”

      1. Absolutely agree. ObamaCare, or any variation thereof, is Dr. Big Brother deciding what is medically appropriate (or not) for the citizenry. Politicians who think they are Hippocrates. Recipe for disaster.

        Just incidentally, and you may have mentioned this before, but here it is again:

        “Americans’ health deteriorating under Obamacare as life expectancies plunge”

        ObamaCare is killing us.

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