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Democrats Prepare for Assault Against Gorsuch

The Democrats will do as much as they can to undermine Gorsuch. But they are saving the big fight for Trump’s next choice, which will tip the balance on the Court.

Senate Democrats, preparing to grill Judge Neil Gorsuch with questions at his Supreme Court nomination hearings, tipped their hand Monday, the Washington Examiner reported.

In opening remarks before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democrats foreshadowed the attacks they will lodge against the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals judge this week. They are preparing to portray him as an enemy of the “little guy” while asking questions about his originalist philosophy, independence from President Trump and the real-world outcomes resulting from his previous decisions.

Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., spotlighted a series of positives in Gorsuch’s record before noting that none of it was enough for the senator to earn his support.

“All of those things I’ve read were sufficient reason to confirm a nominee to the Supreme Court, but of course Judge Merrick Garland, who had exactly the same qualifications but was refused by the Republicans, would be sitting on the court today,” Leahy said. “That’s why philosophy becomes important.”

The committee’s top Democrat went a step further and suggested that Gorsuch’s judicial philosophy of originalism is dangerous.

25 Responses to Democrats Prepare for Assault Against Gorsuch

  1. They know that he’ll be confirmed, and they know they’ll need the filibuster later, so this is beltway kabuki at its most repugnant.

    Which really starts to beg the question of how much of America really is the land of the free, and how much of it is strictly a performance piece for the preservation of political power.

    • I read an article in The Intercept, Glenn Greenwald’s rag, that quotes 60’s old timer Clark Clifford as saying if Americans knew how their country was actually run, they couldn’t endure it and would go insane with grief.

  2. The Democrats have to reveal themselves, finally, by this outrageous stand, as only interested in themselves. The last time Gorsuch was confirmed by a vote of 100%. The American people see what their intentions are and the American people and the Constitution are not important to Democrats. They only care about a Socialist-Communist-“Progressive”-New World Order agenda; take power from the people and give it to government.

    • The democrats are communists and they really don’t care what Americans think about them, all the bad that they are, they are only interested in the power, could care less, they have no shame, they have very little intelligence, couldn’t we see it at the Gorsuch hearing today? The questions they asked, especially that disgusting Franken’s questiosn, his were looney. Gorsuch just stared at that nasty mean Franken, like he couldn’t believe it that he was in the same room with him.

      I don’t really like Gorsuch that much since he stabbed Trump in the back early on, but he is like 100 times more intelligent, brilliant, etc. than these Franken horrors. Gorsuch has got it all over these democrats? I mean, communists. I do hope he gets confirmed even though I can’t like him because of the way he talked about Trump, that hurt me but I know Gorsuch is better than that Roberts and those 2 women that Obama put in there, the others are quite good but even the Supreme Court is now filled with some creeps. Who would believe it but its true!

  3. Forget the politics. The Democrat Party has evolved into what is just a pack of cannibals or vultures. They take a decent citizen and tear at his life his life until there is almost nothing left.

    And it is not so much that they have honed this into an expected behaviour. It is the smug self satisfaction they get from doing so. There sure is a lot of ugliness and evil in our Congress and government.

    • Grace! pack of cannibals, I love it!! I laughed out loud just now, you are so great, love your post, you are so right. Isn’t it unbelievable that these horrible people are in Congress and government?? Its like a nightmare now. I remember when Obama first got elected the first time, that morning after he won, I woke up with such a feeling of dread, I just knew he was terrible. I don’t know how I knew, but I just had ESP, it happens to me sometimes, I just feel it. Thankyou for making me laugh though, even though I feel like crying when I think about how they are so disgusting the way they are trying to destroy Trump EVERY DAY! I hope he holds up strong. Its just awful what is going on. I was so happy when Trump won because I really love him and his words and ideas, but I’m upset every day at the lies that I hear about him. It scares me that they may find a way to impeach him with his lies. Sorry to go on so long with this, I do that sometimes.

      • Sorry. I meant to say “their lies” not his lies. You will see what I mean above. “find a way to impeach him with their lies” not his lies. I do go on don’t I? But I just wanted to correct the lies business.

  4. The Democrats continue, every hour of the day, on their path to commit political suicide. They’ve lost the Congress, the Presidency and most of the State governorships and legislatures. It’s amazing to watch. They seem to have no plan or intention to correct their course.

  5. Typical infantile Democrat behavior. This is going to be like them objecting to an ice cream sundae with their favorite toppings.
    What a bunch of morons.

  6. Merrick Garland would have had to find 12 Republicans who hate America enough to vote for him. So the clown from Vermont needs to knock it off the cocksuckery and put on his big girl pants.

  7. Right after you get “#2 Med. Soft” tattooed on your corpus cavernosum.

    Sight unseen, I’m guessing it would make for quite a convincing illusion.

  8. Is the man a pedophile? Will he succumb to blackmail and die mysteriously at a ranch in Texas? No autopsy performed–

    Don’t get mad, just askin’, y’all.