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37 Responses to Sunday Open Thread || March 19, 2017

  1. Chuck Berry, rock&roll icon, died yesterday.
    Back in the 1950-early 60s, the only way to listen to this kind of music was on underground radio stations. WAMO in Pittsburgh,PA aired from 3pm to 9pm and played all that “Negro music” and the other artists who were scorned by the MSM of music.
    Oh my, how we loved it. Our own protest against Bing Crosby et al. blah music (we thought).
    RIP, sir. Thanks for all the joy.

  2. Good ol Rock n Roll, as American as it gets. Remember in late 60’s early 70’s working the ground in flatland Kansas picking up signals away as KSTP in Twin Cities and WLS out of Chicago. For some reason rarely picked up anything south of OKC but the signals from up north could be as strong as Wichita just an hour away. Now, we can literally drive the machines by satellite!

    For those interested in a little Constitutional Convention history transposed upon the mental midget judicial juggling of last week, here’s today’s Globe column:
    Sunday Globe: Madison/Morris vs the Watts/Chuang @TheDemocrats agenda of judicial “feelings”
    Off to pick up paving stones for yet another addition to the less than famous, never to be known, outside edition of Caldwell’s Corner.
    Have a great Sunday all!

      • Grace, you asked me a question yesterday that I didn’t see until this morning about the Secret Service changes for past presidents. Google “Former Presidents Protection Act” and you can see that the past presidents were always protected for 10 years only but Obama changed it in 2013 to lifetime protection for all presidents and their wives.

  3. What could possibly go wrong with this.?
    Why Sweden, why?
    “Sweden to give Prison Guard Internships To New Migrants”
    Brietbart is running the story.

    • Cisco, I was hoping it was a joke but , no, it is another embarrassing piece of news from my country. Integration is the big, big thing right now, everybody talks integration, and the government tries to scramble jobs for many of the migrants wherever they can find them. So they found some “simple” jobs in the prisons, jobs as cleaners, cooks..and …”guards”. Well, most of the prisoners are foreigners so I guess they can communicate with each other…. I guess it is all about that our “leaders” absolutely do not want jobless migrants milling around, committing crimes, so this is their solution. Oh dear, I realize what you must think of us over there….

      • The press on Sweden is not good, that’s for sure. But what is your government thinking? (That would be us if HRC won — so no condemnation). But these are dangerous undertakings by your government. I would be most concerned.

        • Grace, the politicians have caused our country irreparable damages when letting all these migrants in during the last years and now, when the consequences are visible, when the political winds are shifting, they desperately try to limit the damages. A lot of other things are happening too, good things, border controls, stricter rules etc. This piece of news, migrants working in prisons, is very hidden, I did not know of it, the MSM doesn´t write/say anything about it, I had to look for it elsewhere. Seems like Breitbart has a Swedish whistle blower, they publish a lot of these “classified” unflattering news. Breitbarts agenda is probably to show how crazy liberal/pc politics can be, as a warning. And I can agree on that, for sure.Am I concerned ? You bet !

          • How unnatural is it that we get news not from our own national media? You, from Breitbart, we sometimes from pubs like the Daily Mail etc. We, the US and Sweden and Europe in general, are going to have to fight hard. The Islamic Invasion is intense and multi tentacled. I am very hard pressed sometimes to not see the Left as seditious in some of the things they are doing. And they are backed by the Democrat Party, which is no more. imo

            BTW A while back I left you a link to a short interview with Paglia. She hits the Feminazis hard. As she should.

      • It’s the leadership that’s at fault not us wee people.
        The leadership and those that voted for them.
        We have the same problem here.
        Open borders, sanctuary cities, it just goes on and on.

        • Leadership sets the tone–good, bad or worse than terrible–in every organization, for sure. When an organization goes bad, leadership is the first place you check out if you’re doing forensics on “what caused this company to fail?”. It’s one of the key guiding principles you use when analyzing an organization. The worst leaders ALWAYS blame other people for failures, and they ALWAYS take full solo credit when things go well. I started and operated an organization development consulting company for nine years before I sold it, so I’ve seen this a lot. Many crazy and/or completely incompetent leaders out there–and many outstanding ones too, of course.

        • “and those that voted for them.”

          I am not sure how this really works. But it is astonishing to look at a state like Minnesota and the area around Minneapolis. Taken over by Somalis and entire neighborhoods where Caucasian citizens cannot go and are in danger.

          Islamists (radical islamist in disguise — there is a word for it) infiltrate the government. Look at Obama’s Muslim laden Administration, in key positions. And Keith Ellison dangerously close to being head of the DNC.

          It goes beyond voting I think. I just look around and am not sure where to start to think through it.

          How does a long term follower of God damn America Rev. Wright become President? And how is it the limp explanation was accepted so easily. Barack Obama sat in that church for years. Of course, he was influenced.

  4. I am Catholic and did not know that the Pope had done this. I am not pleased with this man. I know some are. So, no comment from me. But I have no argument with this comment from elsewhere.

    The Pope is inviting Islamic prayers into the Vatican? Does he get the concept of worshiping false gods, little g? Does he get the concept of misleading the flock into thinking that denying that Christ was crucified and resurrected, is an okay thing to proclaim from a Christian church?

    I do not want to be disrespectful or to offend. But I would urge my Catholic brothers and sisters to look to the Word of God for truth, and not to this Pope. I do not think any good thing is coming from Rome. Hold fast to the Truth. God’s word is Truth. Rely on the Holy Spirit, and not on this man called Francis.

      Grace , I would love to attend that party, Trump has a way with people that Obama certainly have not. Trumps supporters seem to really like and appreciate him while Obamas followers seem to belong to a sect and he himself do not really connect with them, seems to think he is too much above them. Well, I know, Barry is just an actor, so unnatural. By the way, what do you think about this link, Dianne Feinstein speculates that Trump may resign. Rather rude. Maybe she should think of resigning herself.
      Oh yes, I read your Paglia link. She is great. Thank you very much. Oh, if people like her, smart, sharp, witty, choose to be politicians….

      • DiFi has not aged well, in any regard. I used to respect some of her thinking, especially regarding the military. For a Democrat, that is. Now she is a typical lefty. But her husband has done very well with her political connections over the years. Very corrupt, and very wealthy.

        Re. Obama. And yet people worship him.

  5. Keith, where are you? It’s Monday morning and nothing’s been posted! Should we call 911 and make sure lefties haven’t kidnapped you?