As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Sunday, March 19, 2017

3:30 pm || Speaks with President Michelle Bachelet of Chile by telephone; Mar-a-Lago
4:20 pm || Departs West Palm Beach, Florida
6:45 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern

30 Responses to Trump Schedule || Sunday, March 19, 2017

  1. Where do you get these statistics from, the same place Oظ☭ma did—-your anal region? You spend much too much time looking there; try looking in the mirror. Then again, your azz probably looks even better—never mind.

    • If your point is that MrTrump should stay in one place and not fly to Florida from DC, you may be right and have the modern view.
      There’s no reason why MrTrump should stay inside the WhiteHouse when most of his work can be done digitally – after all this is 2017.

      He could just stay at Mar-a-Lago and use all the modern communications available to everyone.
      There’s no reason to actually be IN the White House as he doesn’t visit offices there or chat in person with the employees during the work day.

      I’ve never been, but we can assume that his FL home has all the modern updates, seems to be more secure than the actual WH, and it’s probably more modern or luxurious than the apartment at the WH.

      • @LookAnIdiotOverThere,
        You should have given your little lecture on correct Presidential behaviour to Barry. He needed to be schooled.

    • LOL.. yes, it will be. By the end of eight years, our baffled and excitable troll will have pulled out all his/her hair, be drooling uncontrollably all over his/her shirt, humming old Barbra Streisand songs, and be secretly, but softly (so the neighbors don’t complain again) imitating the mating hoot of an owl, in the hopes of, at last, attracting a suitable mate. “”Hoot, Hoot! Any other owls out there?”.

  2. Seems to me our past President was well known for taking his daily briefings by ipad, not in person. I don’t have stats on this but read about it numerous times.

    While the optics of shuttling to Florida on weekends is troubling, is it not the end results that matter most?

    If one year from now Trump is still commuting to Florida and his admnistration has failed to attain their stated goals, then rip him a new one. Thats his goals, the ones he was elected on.

    Until then, we wait and see…


  3. Melania’s moving into the White House in June once Barron finishes school, and Trump is not just taking vacations in Florida. Most weekends he does spend there are working weekends. Every president takes time away from Washington D.C., and I don’t blame them. It would suck being stuck in that town all the time, president or not.

  4. Trump owns the place, so he doesn’t have to pay for room and board while he’s in Florida, right? And, if I recall he’s not taking a salary. Besides, it’s safer there than in the White House with all the break in visitors.

    • The guy was a loon…I accused him of copying & pasting his “thoughts” – and he reacted by calling me a racist (among other personal attacks).

      I usually don’t let that stuff get to me, but it really rubbed me the wrong way, saying I would have been for segregation, etc. etc. I should have just let it go – those kind of tactics don’t deserve a response.

      • Yea, these types of trolls know all the buzzwords, phrases and insults to set off people. They’re looking for a angry reaction from their targets, and they know they’re safe because of their anonymity. It’s a sort of cyber passive aggressive behavior, coming from someone who probably doesn’t have much power or influence in real life. We’re pretty lucky at WHD because, compared to some other blogs, and we really don’t have many trolls stop by. There’s a general sense of civility here, so when a troll shows up, he/she really stands out in a large way.

      • Mr. Pibb,
        That’s all the trolls have, name calling.
        White supremacist, islamphobic, racist, homophobic, nazi, etc.
        Need I go on?.
        I just scroll past these poor souls, and look for good debate.