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Saturday Open Thread || March 18, 2017



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  1. Enough with the qvetching about Trump flying to Mar-a-lago weekends. Nancy Pelosi has been commuting every weekend from Washington to her home in San Francisco and back on a 12-passenger Air Force jet for a long time. Family is invited to ride along.

  2. Add: Joe Biden from 2009 to 2013 cost us $979, 680 in fuel and maintenance, flying back and forth to his home in Wilmington. Sometimes several times in a day.

    • Joe quite often flew back to DC on a Saturday to play golf with Obama, then fly back to Wilmington after their game. Then back to DC on Sunday. With hopes these perks will end under Trump’s smash hammer to the budget :)

        • It’s Amtrak, no C.

          And given the disruption his presence would cause at Union Station in DC, not to mention the security headaches it would cause all the way up the line to Delaware (including BWI and Baltimore Penn), going by air makes a bit of sense for, you know, a sitting Vice President.

          Now, THEORETICALLY, if they had private varnish for the veep, they could hitch it to NEC service; but the days of private railcars for government bigwigs probably died with the Pullman strike.

          • Living in Delaware for years I have heard stories about his trips…
            but as VP Biden mostly used AF2 because I would see it parked at New Castle County Airport at the Delaware Air National Guard base, and I would often see it flying in & out.

          • @AFVet

            Not all “sticks” have no passenger rail: it might just be scheduled at a crazy hour. Cincinnati, for instance, only has one route, the Cardinal, that calls in the wee hours both east and westbound.

            The trade-off is that it goes through some woodsy areas during daylight, and during the fall, the foliage you see out the window is pure poetry.

            Amtrak is underappreciated by too many. Yes, it takes two days to get from Chicago to San Francisco on the California Zephyr. But damned if it ain’t the most gorgeous two days’ journey you can take in the United States without driving it yourself.

            Add in all the history of the American railroad, and you can perhaps start to see the romance of it all.

    • Yes-the address is 5046 Greenwood or you can google Obama’s Chicago home and you will read that the street is barricaded off-only the people who live on the street are allowed on–if they are going to have company they have to give the names, addresses, make of car and license plate number etc AHEAD of time to the secret service so they can be checked out before they can drive down the street.

      Also in 2013 Obama signed into law that all past presidents will get SS protection and their wives and their children until they are 16. Also included is an annual salary of 203,700 and monies of up to 150,000 for personal staff per year. The above figures do not include the SS salaries and benefits. Jimmy Carter, GW Bush, HW Bush, Bill Clinton and Hussein Obama all get these perks for the remainder of their lives. And us suckers are paying for it.

      • I hope Trump undoes that waste of our SS resources, the agency is already spread thin enough which is affecting their morale and mission.

        These are millionaires, they can certainly afford their own bodyguards.

  3. After surfing the MSM sites and the pro/against Trump blogs, there’s hardly any info on MrsMerkel’s visit and why she was here. What did she want – to say hello, or is there something else?
    Does anyone know of any info on this?
    I don’t.

      • FAZ quotes Trump who said that they had a Grossartiges Treffen ( great meeting ), no quotes from Frau Merkel though. FAZ writes that Frau Merkel promised to pay even more for NATO. I believe that many Germans have mixed feelings about NATO, some see it as defense some see it as an occupation force. So some welcome Trumps attitude that every country put up their own defense, but some wants to keep the status quo.

    • First meetings like this are usually just “get to know each other” type meetings, that set the tone for follow-on meetings. In the future, Merkel will try to convince Trump that letting millions of terrorists into the USA is a GREAT IDEA, and Trump will try to convince her that it is NOT.

      Also on the table for this meeting was the discussion of how Germany is not paying the full 2% of their GDP into the NATO “kitty” as they are supposed to– (I think they are only paying 1.8% or something like that). It’s part of Trump’s plan (I’m guessing) to make a case for completely getting the USA OUT of the NATO deal. But first, he needs to lay the groundwork. He has to show that the NATO “allies” want our protection, but they don’t want to pay for it– they want it for FREE (like they have been getting it for a long while)– and THAT has to stop. IF they won’t PAY what was agreed, then we can break the agreement and EXIT the NATO agreement– what is that? “NEXIT” or “NATEXIT”? Anyway the entire NATO thing has been nothing but a YUGE boondoggle and a way for the rich bankers and arms dealers to get richer on the backs of the American people– and we are sick and tired of that kind of thing which is one of the reasons we elected Trump. The neocons, globalists, the “deep state”, and communists (aka: democrats) will sooner or later have to come to terms that “the party is over”– “the game is up”– and this is the END of getting RICH and POWERFUL off of the backs of the American people. If they succeed in getting rid of Trump through whatever means, there will be a full-on armed revolution in the USA, and if that happens, it’s not looking very good for the neocons, the globalists, the “deep state” and the demoncrats. Just sayin’…

  4. All this pearl clutching by the left over the Trump family expenses makes me remember how Obama used the White House to recover from his vacations and plot bad policies AGAINST the American people. Now we have a President who loves us and his country working for us almost non-stop since Jan 20, he deserves to go home for a little breather.

  5. Re: Immigration.

    Mexico is also feeling the pain of illegal immigration. There are 3,500 Haitians stuck at Tijuana and Mexicali. The US won’t let them in. The Haitians have asked Mexico permission to stay and work. Mexico told them there are certain regulations that have to be met.

    I visited a friend in St Petersburg, Florida a few years ago. I stayed a motel which was nice in the 60’s. Now it was out of date. The owner turned part of it into Section 8 housing. It was full of idle Haitians in the middle of day. One 20 something girl was walking the parking lot and was high as a kite. I stayed just one night and got out of there.

    • It’s not just Haitians.
      Throw in the mix, Pakistanis, Cubans, Sudanese, Bangladeshis, Indonesians, and any other illegal that wants to do us harm. BUILD A WALL. Secure our borders, just like every other country has done. Having lived in both Indonesia and Malaysia for years, I was fully vetted every time I came and went. Every time.

      • When Obama announced the end of the wet foot/dry policy about the Cubans a flood of them came through here. I live 30 miles from Costa Rica. Costa Rica would not let them enter because they knew they could not palm them off on the Nicaragua. The Cubans were all over the place.

        Panama made arrangement with Mexico to allow the Cubans to fly to Juareez. They had a nice price on the flight. I knew a guy who was trying to receive a Western Union. When he went to collect he said Western Union had wall to wall Cubans.

        Thanks goodness the Obama open borders days are over.

  6. I get email from the DNC so I can see what they are up to: Here one I received today:

    “From: Keith Ellison

    March 18 at 1:26 PM

    Pitch in $3 or more before midnight, and you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to meet Senator Elizabeth Warren at the next taping of Democrats Live on Tuesday!”

    LOL. Meet with Elizabeth Warren, the clown of the Democrat party. That’s desperate.

  7. I had heard rumours that Trump was going to cut back on the Intel Community. This may be one thread that should/could be followed. Are some trying to dump Trump to keep their jobs. Banal? Yes. But possible? Perhaps.