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White House Intruder Wandered Around South Lawn for 20 Minutes

Well, looks like they’ve fixed all the problems guarding the White House. I mean, seriously? Why don’t they just fire these guys and buy a German Shepherd?

The latest accused White House fence jumper was on the grounds for about 20 minutes before he walked up to the back door of the White House and approached a Secret Service officer and said he had an appointment with the president, two Secret Service sources tell the Washington Examiner.

Even though the Secret Service’s Uniformed Division searched for the intruder after he set off a series of alarms after jumping multiple fences, they only found him when he walked up to the officer posted at the “C-11” position, the back door of the White House’s South Portico that leads into the dignitary reception area, the sources said.

One source said the intruder, identified as Jonathan Tran, walked right up to the back door and startled the officer standing there who didn’t immediately think he was an intruder but some type of contractor because he was wearing khaki pants.

16 Responses to White House Intruder Wandered Around South Lawn for 20 Minutes

  1. 20 minutes…that’s fine. Hey, we had a past intruder who stayed there for 8 years and we almost did not get him to leave!!!!


  2. Secret Service needs to step it up. Either that, or Presidents need to be willing to hire their own security and pay for it with funds allocated to the SS.

    • I agree on having a handler/dog team guarding the White House. I’m surprised this isn’t already the case. (maybe it is, I dunno). All the military services have highly trained security handler/dog teams, and it would be very simple to assign a such team to guard the White House. I’ve seen these dogs in training and in action. They are amazing. They are gentle as lambs when they have to be, and a war machine when the handler needs them to be so. An intruder will not have a chance to get away.

  3. The White House and it’s grounds should be the most secure, protected property in the world. Period.
    If it’s not, then something is very wrong.

  4. Well, at least he didn’t get inside…this time. I wonder, has the Secret Service always been this incompetent? Are they just not able to hide things in the digital age? Or is it a failure of leadership, training, etc? This is really bad.

  5. The United States Secret Service at present is completely dysfunctional. I certainly hope the President’s close advisers are putting the screws to the USSS Director.
    Our adversaries are watching; it is only a matter of time before ISIS or some other group launches a suicide squad against the White House or other location where the President is, banking they can get past the security.