As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Saturday, March 18, 2017

4:00 pm || Receives his daily intelligence briefing
6:25 pm || Speaks with President Michel Temer of Brazil by telephone; Mar-A-Lago

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23 Responses to Trump Schedule || Saturday, March 18, 2017

  1. Hey Fire breather, show us some facts….by my last accounting, The President owns both residences in NY. and Florida…..what is your source or are you just blowing smoke….

  2. Actually, I don’t think Trump ever stops working, so I don’t mind him changing his scenery every now and then to give the WH staffers a break. It’s been a very busy and accomplished week, he’s earned the down time.

    • HA! I wish I was democrat-socialist like you…then I would never have to “think” and I could scream baseless hate-filled, liberal accusations all day :-)

      • Don’t worry about fireboy, he’s what I call proof of the failing educational system.

        What he chooses to ignore is that the NY Times reported the possibility of wiretaps before Trump even mentioned it.

        Naw I’m no Dhimmi, let’s watch him make a fool of himself.

  3. We all remember the Obama schedule, don’t we? Up and ready to work at the crack of noon. Meeting with Beyonce or Little Wayne and posing for selfies. “Delivering remarks” to some third rate Obama worshiping Lefty group, attending yet another Hollywood infested fundraising group with the angry Michelle, reading off a teleprompter to a class of fifth graders in some small remote town in Iowa. Absolutely no “work” on the weekends. Ah, yes, those were the good old days. ;+}. And now all he has are romantic days in Tahiti with sweet Reggie. Ah, Reggie, his true love. Now he has more time for him and doesn’t have to sneak him into the back entrance of the White House.

  4. Allow me to ease PantsOnFire’s anxiety about the cost of protecting our POTUS and FLOTUS;
    The Trump budget would eliminate sending over $500billion in taxpayer’s money to Planned Parenthood every year.
    Also, MrsTrump has announced that she and the Trump minor son will be moving to the White House in June of this year as the boy’s school year ends.

    Moving on.
    How much does it cost us to keep MrObama safe and sound while he establishes residency in Tahiti, protect the Obama home in Chicago, protect the First Daughers as one is traveling in LaLaLand and the other is in DC, and of course, the posh rented home in upscale DC where MrObama has his mail delivered? Where is MrsObama, we all wonder.

    Oh well, it’s a contract of honor that we make with all our POTUSes and their families – we will pay to protect them from crazy people and everyday annoyances.

  5. Meanwhile in Panama this past week.

    We have some excitement and upset people in the retirement community. Several live here full time but they do not apply for residency. We call them perpetual tourist. Panama gives tourist 180 days. These folks go to the border every 6 months, exit Panama and enter Costa Rica. They spend 3 days there and then return to Panama with a fresh 180 days. Immigration has developed a system to keep track of how many times people do this. They are clamping down on this and refusing re entry. Panama feels that if people live here full time then they should become residents. All it takes is to have $1,000 month income, provide a clean F.B.I report and a letter from a medical doctor that everything is okay. You can own a business but can not work.

    Panama is aiming at the people who come here to work. They take jobs away from the locals. We have many Venezuelans and Nicaraguans doing the perpetual tourist thing. 400 Venezuelans were refused re entry recently. A few Americans also have been refused.

    • Very interesting. I spent a little time on TDY assignment in Panama years ago. Bought a nice table linen for the wife, and a ginormous turquoise ring for, like 50 bucks or so for her; enjoyed the food a lot and was fascinated by the workings of the Panama canal. People I met there said it was a very good assignment. I stayed at Howard AFB.

      • Howard is now Pacifico International. They have inexpensive flights to Colombia. People who lived in Panama when the US ran the Canal lived a charmed life. Come again and ride the Metro Rail in Panama City. There are now 3 bridges that cross the canal and a fourth one planned.

  6. Melanie and Barron are moving to the White House in June after he finishes the school year. As for him going to Florida, he doesn’t go every weekend, but I imagine he doesn’t like being in D.C. all the time. People who work there say that it’s soul-crushing after a while. Trump often entertains foreign dignitaries and does business while in Florida, so it’s not like he’s on vacation. Calm down.