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Trump Administration Steps Up Threats Against North Korea

It’s very bad news, but since Bill Clinton failed to stop North Korea’s nuclear program in its tracks and Barack Obama sat idly while the country built its stockpile, we now have a major and potentially existential threat on our hands that will have to be dealt with either by regime change or military action, which would be devastating for South Korea. Obama, who is now wandering around Tahiti, allowed the military to deteriorate to the point where we can’t fight two wars at once. But we may have to do what we can.

In the wake of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announcing a tougher posture toward North Korea, President Trump said the Kim Jong Un regime is “behaving very badly” and called out China for not doing more to help, the Washington Examiner reported.

“North Korea is behaving very badly. They have been “playing” the United States for years. China has done little to help!” Trump tweeted.

In Seoul, Tillerson said Friday morning that a pre-emptive military action against North Korea was an option and that American patience with North Korea aggression is running out. That stance received praise from Republicans and Democrats alike on morning cable news shows.

20 thoughts on “Trump Administration Steps Up Threats Against North Korea”

  1. No more crazy wars……..China controls NK and can stop them any time they want.

    NK knows they would be nothing but a smoking hole in the ground if they really did anything.

    Just my opinion so don’t beat me up….

    1. No, I agree Von Ebb.
      Economically, China has control.
      China just stopped the importing of NK coal, a vital money export for NK

      1. And baby Kim jun could have exerted his self important inner killer, but must have some logic that knows he’d be blown to smithereens.

  2. I think you underestimate the capability of a MOTIVATED United States. The real challenge is to redirect the snowflake training that is going on in this country. We may not be as capable in the coming generation.

    1. I wonder how many of today’s millennial “snowflake” draft age males could survive a military boot-camp?

      (I am a US Navy Vet. Graduated Recruit Training Command Great Lakes, Il. 1994)

  3. I do not want a war either. I think Trumps’s approach by putting pressure on China is the right one. Going through the UN is useless.

    Korea was one of the first assignments by the UN. FDR begged Stalin to help fight Japan. Stalin never would. Russia did not declare war on Japan until after the atom bomb was dropped.

    FDR and Eleanor were big promoters of the UN. So it was decided to let the UN administer Korea. The UN in turn let Russia administer the north even though they put in no effort to fight Japan.

    The problem with the UN is it is owned by everyone yet no one owns it.

    The problem with China is they do not want a prosperous country on her border.

    The other UN failure was Palestine. I am glad Trump is cutting the UN budget.

    1. Yes, you are right. I can not recall North Korea ever threaten the US, South Korea or her neighbors. The US is the bad guy on this deal. Not.

    2. Clinton and Obama are responsible for a nuclear North Korea, a danger to us and all in the region.

      And the US State Department needs a thorough housecleaning.

    3. The good news for us is that the sissified Benedict Arnold called Barry Obama is no longer in a position to harm the United States when dealing with its avowed enemies. We now have a responsible adult in the driver’s seat, and a team in the White House that isn’t willing to sell us down the river. That’s probably what Barry is sulking about in Polynesia, or wherever he is at the moment. Wah, Wah, poor Barry. Can’t make deals anymore with the Iranian jihadists to destroy Israel and the US, eh, Barry?

  4. President Trump should appoint ExPres Obama special envoy to North Korea. But wait, enclude ExPres Carter. With instructions not to come home until a 1000 year peace pac is signed.These two love diplomacy, their propensity for jaw-jacking will grant them forever and a day,eternal carved in stone heroes of the universe. How could they pass it up? Both would be back in the limelight. Just another of my weird thoughts.

    1. North Korea is a big problem They have a million man army and spend tons on money on missiles and all the while let her people starve. Death to America is a religion with them.

  5. NORK is a client state of China. China needs to rein the crazies in.

    Clinton and Obama are responsible for a nuclear North Korea. Not that you would read that in the MSM.

  6. Dennis Rodham to the “Rescue”or Snoop “S**t” Dogg…Maybe Madonna might think about blowing up NoKo instead of the White House??? (Sarcasm)

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