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Obama’s Mysterious Journey Continues in Tahiti

He just left Hawaii. Now a month in Tahiti. Without his family, so far. This is getting weird.

Former President Barack Obama is spending a month at a luxury resort near the tourist island of Tahiti, the Washington Examiner reported.

He checked into the Brando, a luxury resort on French Polynesia’s atoll of Tetiaroa according to local TV channel Tahiti Nui TV, AFP reported. Not much is known about the nature of Obama’s visit. He arrived without his family and has no political meetings planned.

Rates at the villas on the atoll, purchased by Hollywood star Marlon Brando in the 1960s, run anywhere between 2,000 euros (about $2,150) to 12,300 euros ($13,241).

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    • Blah blah blah blah…yesterday you posted under the name “ThingsOldPeopleSay” – pick a name and stick to it…and original thoughts only, no copying & pasting of the same regurgitated talking points.

      And I happen to live in California, jerk.

    • The world will do fine without the propaganda machine known as the Partisan Broadcasting Service. At any rate, if its listeners like it so much, they’ll fund it, or it will begin accepting commercials. If you like your poison, you can keep your poison, but it might actually cost you a little money.

      • An NPR classical station I listen to here & there does have “commercials” of course they are local lib businesses. If they wish to survive they can open their station to more commercials. Same for their lame tv shows.

      • Sesame Street is not a show I would allow my kids to watch. There are much better ways to teach kids. They to not need government funding. They make a bundle off of merchandising. Liberal think if they cry you don’t care about education/the poor/the environment etc, they don’t at any issue on a deeper level. We are a country in debt. Time to cut the extras which can be funded through charitable private entities.

    • The NIH gave a $400,000 grant to Colombia University. The purpose of the grant was to study on how homosexuals used the Internet in order to connect with one another. Was that important and money well spent?

      I would image M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston will still do cancer research.

    • “So there’s gonna be an immediate stop in Cancer Research funded by the NIH. ”

      And you have proof of that? Or is that part of the liberal script package that you trolls receive when you pick up your paycheck from one of the many organizations Mr. Soros funds?

      BTW you are overpaid.

      • I wonder if these trolls no matter which website they post on have figured out everyone knows now matter how much they deny it that everyone knows they can’t think for themselves and the only thoughts they have are the ones there paid to have. Its gets funnier and funnier every day that they don’t realize how many people know this and the word is spreading mire than they can possibly imagine

      • I wonder if these trolls no matter which website they post on have figured out everyone knows now matter how much they deny it that everyone knows they can’t think for themselves and the only thoughts they have are the ones there paid to have. Its gets funnier and funnier every day that they don’t realize how many people know this and the word is spreading more than they can possibly imagine

  1. 1. He had to leave DC. Every time he sees AF1 fly overhead he breaks out in tears.
    2. Michelle told him to get lost.
    3. The Dems told him that he can’t run again even if he changes his name.
    4. He’s considering a run for high office in Tahiti.
    5. He wants to be alone so he can write a book that will be worth $25 million.
    6. Michelle sent him out to shovel the sidewalk so he jumped on the first plane out of town.
    7. MrsClinton said she was coming over to talk to him.
    8. He’s meeting with Russia’s Putin and doesn’t want anyone to know.

    • #5 will probably be the official answer. I think when “he was writing” (or Ayers was) before he dramatically secluded himself somewhere.

      Are there sharks in the waters of Tahiti? Or is this one of those Bill Clinton pedo island things?

    • He realizes he lazed his way through his part in history and now is frantic to figure out how he can reclaim a role in the spotlight. Or he’s hoping to be overseas when they figure out all the lawbreaking that his admin engaged in.

  2. He’s finally revealing his inner self.
    All those wonderful family man cover stories showing true colors.
    Big aloha fake resident.

    • Yes Island Girl, all those cover stories about “the first family”. I guess that “family” is unraveling now. Will the stories about Barrys background unravel too ? I certainly hope so, I hope the Russians will leak some juicy parts. Because, as Clint Eastwood once so famously said, this is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people.

  3. Obama is still protected by the Secret Service. Does the agent with him get one of the villas?

    Not to worry about his two girls. Michell’s mother is taking good care of them.

    • The left have complained about what it cost to protect Trump in Florida plus they complained about the cost of protecting the adult Trump sons on their foreign trips.

      I’d like some one to report what it is costing to protect Obama and Michelle. Obama has been to the British Virgin Islands, Hawaii and now Tahiti.

  4. While I certainly don’t trust what Mr0 may be up to, why must the media continue to talk about him? Was there coverage such as this when past presidents left office?

  5. I don’t know if anyone saw this article in Infowars (it’s still running” yesterday.

    Obama made an unannounced surprise visit to Honolulu 48 hours before the judge that he appointed blocked Trump’s travel ban. Obama, according to the article, ate lunch only one block away from the judge’s office. The article and the comment section from the article is very interesting.

  6. The US taxpayers should only provide Secret Service protection to former presidents when they are on US soil.

    For us to be paying for them to protect someone while they are residing in a foreign country – even if only on a vacation – at a luxury resort is taking food from the mouths of American families.

    • Cram it fool. DT may not be perfect, but the alternative was gag inducing.
      DT said he wanted to cut government. The majority of the people obviously want that too, since he was elected.
      DT is keeping his promises.
      Nobody said it wouldn’t be painful. If our elected officials had been good stewards of taxpayer dollars, we would not be in this quagmire.
      And yes, your precious “first historical black president,” Barack Obama, purposely did a lot to worsen the situation with his magic pen and phone.
      That is what happens when you elect someone because of the color of their skin or their sex and they have NO credentials to back them up.
      At least DT has executive experience and has built a gigantic empire. Unlike Barack Obama who is the world’s worst dilettante.

      • When the full, contextual history of the Obama presidency is written, years from now, it will be seen as the most destructive Presidency in the history of the United States, including Andrew Johnson’s presidency. Obama is a radicalized fool, untethered from the will of the people, the US Constitution, our traditions, our institutions, and our legitimate expectations from a President of the United States. Even now, one can read various historians, even liberal ones, commenting in various articles about the catastrophe named Barry Obama. What a tragic eight years it has been for us with Obama in the White House.

      • LAFOT – you are officially foaming at the mouth now. For your own health and welfare and the health and welfare of everyone around you, please stop. Take a pill, get some rest.

  7. I think something is up. This is too bizarre. The only thing is I could come up with he is going to unleash his army on the people and command from afar. While he was president I respected his office but not the man himself. Something strange is going on here and the judge in Hawaii gave a 48 page decision within 2 hours? How is that possible?

    • HA.

      Would but the Republicans in Congress lift a finger to do anything besides guarantee the style of living to which they have become accustomed.

      With the exception of about 10 — the rest are worthless GOPe.

  8. Obama is on his SEX tour, which is wonderful for us Trump supporters who fear that he may have had a surge of energy and plan to overthrow the new President. Clearly, he’s not at his new lux mansion in DC with new resident Valerie Jibberish.

    Why is anything to do with Obama seem anything but strange? The creature was the strangest President we’ve ever had. He didn’t give a bloody damn about the nation or its people, behaved like a man who won the Powerball lottery, and flaunted his nothingness in our faces constantly!

    We are grateful he spent many hours on the golf course instead of planning further destruction of the USA, so be happy that he’s having strange fun in strange places far away from Washington DC.