As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Thursday, March 16, 2017

10:30 am || Meets with the Taoiseach of Ireland
12:05 pm || Participates in and makes remarks at the Friends of Ireland Luncheon; United States Capitol
6:00 pm || Makes remarks at the St. Patrick’s Day Reception; East Room

All times Eastern
White House Briefing with Sean Spicer at 2:00 pm

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    • I’m a veteran and I just read that President Trump wants to cut Meals on Wheels which many older vets rely on. Why would he do this! He said he’d take care of our vets and he’s doing the exact opposite!

        • Other organizations don’t have the infrastructure, extra money, or the capacity to do this. Many older vets will go hungry now. It’s a damn shame. Sometimes, the meals on wheels volunteers were there only social contact these older folks would get. It’s really really shameful.

          • “Many older vets will go hungry now.”

            That will not happen. I hope you are truly a vet, and if you are, I thank you for your service…but a lot of these “I’m a vet” or “I’m a (whatever)” troll posts are showing up, with the express purpose of bashing the president, with key lines such as, “He said this and he’s doing the exact opposite.”

            The verbiage and intent is easily identifiable, with the poster hanging around for only that day, then disappearing completely…only to be replaced by a different name with a similar trollish message a day or two later.


          • Also, “25thAirborne” – did you “just read” anything about the president’s budget, which includes a 6% increase in funding for the VA??

            Guess he is taking care of our vets after all.

          • 4/25 IBCT (ABN), Sir. How do you know our vets will be taken care of after this? What guarantee do we have? He is explicitly asking to cut the program. There’s no replacement. So why attack me and not what’s being done? Our vets are getting the short end of the stick and this is after Trump said he’d take care of us. So yes, I am mad and you should be too!

          • Where were you during the 8 years of the Obama administration when Barry O virtually destroyed the VA? Were you as upset then as you are now?

          • Marcus, explain to me how Obama “destroyed” the VA. You’re letting your emotions drive your thoughts. I expressed a real concern and people are trying to attack me instead of addressing the problem, sheesh.

          • “25thAirborne”, you claim to be a vet and you don’t know how Obama has destroyed the VA? Even though you say you are a vet, you’ve missed the hundreds of news stories, the Congressional hearings, the assessments by all the veterans’ groups that the VA is disaster for vets in need? You’ve missed the stories of the waiting lines, rejection of needed medical service, unattended deaths, waste, etc. which have all been noted in the news media? The Congressional hearings have ALL noted the catastrophic waste and fraud and inefficiencies in the VA. You’re as full of it as a Thanksgiving turkey. I served 21 years in the military, and I can smell a phony “vet” when I see one. Many others on this blog have also served honorably in the military, and they are, though much more politely than I am, questioning your authenticity as a vet. You are a complete fraud, and everyone on this site can see it. There is no “25thAirborne”; that’s just for openers. You should be ashamed of yourself.

          • Marcus,

            Was everything you mentioned happening prior to Obama or as a result of Obama. You should be ashamed of yourself for not knowing the details of the VA and spinning it in way as if the VA hasn’t been a mess for decades, instead of being a google soldier and nitpicking facts without the full context. But it’s cool, since you still won’t address how older vets are going to DIE and go hungry as one of the organizations they truly depend on is getting cut. But spare me the “I’m a vet too”, because whoever your CO was did a terrible job of leading you….

      • If the budget were to be adopted as submitted (which is unlikely as Congress always makes changes) then we are talking about a potentially small budget cut to Meals on Wheels. They say about 3% of their budget comes from government grants. Of course, I’m sure they don’t want to lose even 3% of their budget. And I’m equally sure that if they do, they will work to replace those funds somehow, perhaps with more private funding or through local/state grants. Please don’t be so alarmist.

        • These older vets have served our country proudly and made huge sacrifices. For one reason or another, they’ve been left to fend for themselves and we as Americans should do our part to assist them just like they assisted the country when it was their time. Have you served Jimg? Please don’t disrespect our Vets. It’s unAmerican.

      • There is no “25thAirborne” in the US Army. There is a 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) in the 25th Infantry Division. So what’s up, dude?

          • Well, it’s a good point. About 70 percent of Meals on Wheels is privately funded by private donors. Another large percentage is from local organizations–Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis, veterans groups like the American Legion, etc.

            What the Progressive moonbats want us to believe is that the proposed “31 percent cut” from the federal government will produce a 31 percent cut in the total funding of Meals on Wheels budget which, obviously isn’t the case.

            It’s another example of the hysterical propaganda these Leftists and anti-Trumpers use to snooker us. They’re so stupid, they don’t realize we can unravel their story line and make them look like the fools they are in about 2 minutes. In the end, no vet, or anyone else receiving Meals on Wheels will miss a meal. I happen to be a volunteer (once a week) with Meals on Wheels, and NO ONE who qualifies and receives Meals on Wheels food will lose those meals because of a 31 percent reduction in Federal funding. Not one.

    • Old Timer, You understand that he’s RETIRED right? This article is this month, meaning Obama is going on vacation because he NO LONGER is president. As in he isn’t working anymore. It’s like attacking George W. for spending his time after his presidency for painting.

      • Obama’s stated purpose of his DC home was so the family can stay in Washington while their youngest daughter finishes school. Yet, Obama has been away from his DC home and his family. That could be a good thing for all; however, that is not much of a role model for raising a family.

  1. Well, the MSM certainly spins the results of the Dutch election in a peculiar way. The headlines are “end of populism” . However, even if Wilders did not win as many votes as expected, his party gained 4 mandates, while the “winning ” party, PM Ruttes party, lost 10 mandates. And the big losers were Ruttes co-party, the socialdemocrats, that lost 29 mandates. I think there are many reasons for this result. Rutte has adapted his politics to Wilders politics, he won votes when handling the Turkish crisis in a tough way. Many also understood that Wilders would be a crippled leader, the other politicians declared that they would not cooperate with him. It was also impossible for Wilders to campaign in a normal way. He lives in a fortress under constant death threats. But still, his politics will continue to influence the Dutch political life.Today, I would say that you cannot be a European politician without addressing the problems with immigration. The real winner was the green-left party, lead by Jesse Klaver, born 1986. He is young and handsome ( and naive ) and influenced by Bernie Sanders. He turned around this party and got many votes (from young and naive people, my guess ). An “immigrant-party” , Denk, got 3 mandates from immigrant voters and will now enter the Dutch parliament for the first time.
    Well, as Wilders said, the genie is out of the bottle and will not return. Whatever the MSM says about this election. France have election in April. Germany in the fall. It will be very interesting. European countries differ from each other in various ways.

  2. No one in the media wants to talk about the Trump rally last night. The crowds were the same, the cheers were as strong as before, but something new was added: Sean Spicer. MrSpicer was treated like a rock star, cheered, applauded by the audience.

    Someone described MrSpicer as ” a man wearing a meat suit thrown into the hungry lion’s den” every day. So true.

    The assembly that greeted PresTrump and his people is a clear indication that we’re all watching, we haven’t lost our spirit, and we know who’s causing the damage. Dems should take note.

    • Thanks SWL and srdem65 for the reports on what is really going on. Good to know.

      I agree SWL that Wilders did well. And the other upcoming elections will be influenced because the
      genie is indeed out of the bottle.

      • Grace, thank you for the Paglia-link. She is great. I especially liked what she said about the neglected male construction workers. So true.

  3. What the f’k is this about.
    This traitorous judge has to go NOW!
    “The judge then prevented every other judge and every other state from following the President’s order, the judge making himself a one-man Supreme Court and substitute President.

    The judge then held that American universities and immigrants living here can prohibit America from ever limiting immigration from Muslim-heavy countries, claiming the First Amendment gives Muslim-dominant nations a right of immigratigon”

  4. I agree Mr. Pibb.
    25th Brigade is a Ukraine unit
    25th Infantry Division has no Airborne component.
    Number # 25 of the JSDF is an Airborne brigade.
    No 25 Airborne unit in US Army, ever.

  5. Did a little homework.
    From Trump HQ. via e-mail.
    Department of Veterans Affairs
    +10.2% in funding
    Department of Defense
    +10% in funding
    Homeland Security
    +7.3% in funding
    -7.3% in funding.
    Wrong 25th.