As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Trump Schedule || Friday, March 17, 2017

9:30 am || Meets with the Republican Study Committee
10:00 am || Holds a “listening session” on veterans affairs; Roosevelt Room
11:20 am || Welcomes German Chancellor Angela Merkel; West Wing Lobby
11:30 am || Meets with Merkel
12:30 pm || Leads a roundtable discussion on vocational training with United States and German business leaders; Cabinet room
1:20 pm || Holds a joint press conference with Merkel; East Room
1:50 pm || Working luncheon with Merkel; State Dining Room
4:00 pm || Departs White House
6:25 pm || Arrives West Palm Beach, Florida

All times Eastern

15 Responses to Trump Schedule || Friday, March 17, 2017

  1. Not to go too far off course here, but has anyone been paying attention to SecState Tillerson in Asia?
    “Talks with North Korea have failed”
    Not a good turn of events.

  2. Why MrsMerkel is meeting with PresTrump:
    1. She’s going to ask to be granted refugee status.
    2. Germany is running out of money to care for a million Muslims.
    3. She wants info on how to build a wall all along Germany’s border.
    4. She will ask if the US can take some of the Muslim refugees off their hands.
    5. She wants to ‘borrow’ Kellyann to run her reelection.
    6. Her husband told her to get lost.

    • I suspect he considers FL home now . NY is a zoo for him. The optics are bad, but Trump works a full week and usually something on a weekend, so I don’t begrudge him the time.

      He may or may not play golf.

          • Old Timer – that’s assuming they can read. If “trolling” is a paid job then at least there are some that don’t need food stamps, etc.

      • President Trump does more meaningful work in a week than that Obama guy did in a year. Obama, as we all know, was the laziest, goofiest, anarchist President in history. Trump is building coalitions, making deals, meeting with allies, repairing the wounds Obama joyfully inflicted on the country, getting his message across in a manner that drives the Lefties, anti-Trumpers, Schumer-type Democrats and Progressives insane. He’s always a week ahead of them, and sets a trap which they haplessly fall into (again) as they get tangled up (again) in their own underwear. Once again, they illustrate what fools they are to try and trip him up. They are going to lose every time.

        So if President Trump wants to play a round or two of golf on one of the finest golf courses in the country, I say go for it, Donald.

      • I read a lot of libs complaining about him spending the money to go to Florida but then they complained about whatever he does. He’s definitely not lazy, like 0.

      • Also just to clarify, when folks complained about Obama’s vacations it was because they seemed excessive, and he usually went somewhere to give some remarks and then overstay a day or 2 to golf. This required the entire presidential infrastrucure to be transported to wherever the president goes. Mr. Trump is going home which already has a permanent infrastructure in place. Going home for the weekend is not a vacation. Most of the senators and congressman do the same thing. If Mr. Obama went home to his house in Chicago more than the 2-3 times he did most folks would not have had a problem with that.

  3. I saw their is a VIP notice for Jacksonville on Saturday. Any word on the president’s plans to potentially visit Jacksonville tomorrow? I’m assuming it won’t be a rally since the next one scheduled is on Monday in Louisville.