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Spicer: Administration to Aggressively Appeal Travel Ban Ruling

Unfortunately this could go to the Supreme Court, where there are only four justices who might put principle ahead of politics, and four who won’t.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer on Thursday reacted to the federal court rulings blocking President Trump’s so-called travel ban by saying: “We intend to appeal the flawed rulings,” the Washington Examiner reported.

During an afternoon press briefing, Spicer said the Department of Justice “is exploring all available options to vigorously defend this executive order.”

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Hawaii issued a restraining order against Trump’s revised travel ban that affects six countries from the Middle East and North Africa.

9 Responses to Spicer: Administration to Aggressively Appeal Travel Ban Ruling

  1. There is a consensus of opinion building across the internet that all refugees should be sent to Hawaii. Goodness knows we wouldn’t want to deprive them of the company of thousands of Muslims or Arabs or anyone who needs housed and fed.
    It’s nice there in Hawaii – lots of beaches, good weather, nice people.


  2. ALSO, add the idiot federal judge in Hawaii to the “to be impeached” list. Meanwhile, have the AUSA in Hawaii file an official complaint to the Hawaii bar association, and to the judicial ethics committee. That judge either doesn’t know the law, or doesn’t care; and either way, he should not be sitting on the bench– or even practicing law at ALL.

    If a judge is disbarred, they will HAVE TO resign, because being a licensed attorney is a requirement to be a judge.

    THEN– do the same thing to that idiot federal judge in Washington state, and the 3 idiots on the 9th circuit– and for the same reasons.

    They really should be impeached, but that takes too long– this is a better, faster method of getting these TRAITORS to the USA off of the bench.

    Having these IDIOTS on the bench is a clear and present danger to the people of the USA; and they should be REMOVED with EXTREME measures!


  3. Pretty much I am of the opinion that Trump et al should not even respond to these activist judges who put social issues above the law and the constitution.

    Deal with the objections and get on with it. Someone somewhere said we should just close entry to all looking to immigrate for now. Except for those in the legal immigration queue as of today. Then there is no claim for discrimination.

    Close the borders. One and done. However this was done in the past is how it should be done now.

    For now enforce the EO until it is decided.

  4. OT: way out in the weeds
    The hack of McDonald’s website was an insulting message.
    What is the reference to “tiny hands”?
    That has been kicked around by a lot of anti-Trump people and I don’t get it.

    • During the campaign, one of the running jokes had something to do with equating the size of a man’s hands with the size of his, ahem, eleventh finger.

      • I always heard the feet were the indicator.
        Nevertheless – where is the McD apology?
        Even if they were hacked, a smart PR director would explain and apologize.
        Just my opinion although my opinion on good manners and constructive discourse has gotten me banned from another site! haha